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Tales From Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Telltale is the leading developer when it comes to crafting engaging, emotional, memorable, and now absolutely hysterical narratives with well-known franchises. Tales from the Borderlands is no different, as they've taken the very unique backdrop setting of Gearbox's games and crafted a compelling and immensely entertaining adventure with characters voiced to perfection that I hope to see again one day.

The Pros: 

+Constantly hysterical, especially finger-gun firefights
+Fantastic character development
+Top notch soundtrack and voice acting

The Cons: 

-The original wait between episode releases
-Some choices don't seem to really matter in the end
-It ends Rating : 

One would think that turning the popular shooter Borderlands into a narrative focused adventure with no shooting at all (aside from some amazing pretend finger-gun shootouts) would be asinine. Borderlands has always been about using millions of guns, shooting bandits and psychos, and converting that into a story driven title seems as it was going to be an immense challenge for Telltale.

Tales from Borderlands Episode 2 Trailer "Atlas Mugged"

As mentioned on the site, in depth, by one of our writers we LOVE us some Telltale. They've gone to the forefront of story-telling in our hearts with their faithful adaptations of several beloved franchises. Now we're looking at a second chapter in their most recent works for Borderlands.

The trailer for the second chapter in Tales from Borderlands, Atlas Mugged, details the plot of the next chapter as such:

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