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GameStop Is Prepping A Tablet (No, This Isn't A Joke)

In news that couldn’t be expected in any possible fashion, GameStop has revealed their intention to release a tablet in the next year. Yes, GameStop as in the same international retailer of new and used video games and that is home to sometimes inept employees will be launching a custom made GameStop branded tablet. What the hell is going on today?

The Mega Leaks Continue With A Look At Ubisoft's Tablet Device

A lot of different trends have popped up in gaming this generation, some of which have been targeted towards the casual audience.  Core gamers do know how to support certain properties but if you give casual gamers something with a bit of flash then they simply eat it up, a key example being Microsoft’s Kinect.  One trend that we haven’t seen too much in gaming but will surely grow on a bigger scale is the use of tablets for gaming.  THQ released their uDraw tablet for the Wii last year (the PS3/360 version is coming out this Winter) and Nintendo is of course prepping the Wii

BlackBerry Steps into Tablets with the New PlayBook

Just when you thought the tablet challengers had all been flushed out. BlackBerry after a few months of rumors brings their new iPad contender to the stage. Dubbed the PlayBook, it has more than a few upgrades that trump Apple's first version of the iPad. Full specs can be seen HERE.

THQ announces uDraw, a new tablet device for the Wii

If there’s one company that has been on an absolute roll lately it has to be THQ.  A year or so ago some were questioning if THQ would be the first major publisher/developer to falter under these tough economic times. Hell, there was even a rampant rumor at one point that THQ was in fact downsizing their staff. But here we are now and THQ is keeping the hits coming with good core games such as Red Faction: Armageddon, Devil’s Third and Saints Row. Now THQ has announced a brand new product for the Wii that could become the next big thing in the industry.

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