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Suda 51

Nintendo’s Wonderful Terrifying Fatal Frame Gamble

For all of the bizarre, backwards localization choices Nintendo makes (or doesn't make), every once in a while The Big N decides to take a chance on something outside their ordinary wheelhouse. It's been happening since as long as the idea of localization existed.

Killer Is Dead Trailer Features More Action and Giant Aliens

Today may be filled with news that can be considered a joke, not just because it’s poorly written, but because it’s April Fool's Day.  While some people may be partaking in the shenanigans, the folks over at Grasshopper Manufacture aren’t since they’ve released a brand new trailer for Killer is Dead.

Devoid of anything that is overly jokey, except for the fact that the Earth has purportedly been stolen and aliens are roaming around, it’s business as usual in this new Killer Is Dead trailer. 

Suda 51 Teases Next Game From Grasshopper Manufacture

Grasshopper Manufacture may not have even finished their upcoming game yet, but the studio is already prepping and discussing, albeit of a cryptic nature, their next title.  While talking about the studio’s forthcoming PS3/Xbox 360 action game Killer Is Dead, GhM mastermind and overall creative genius Suda 51 revealed a few key pieces of info regarding the next game from the studio.

Killer Is Dead Debut Trailer Oozes With Style and Blood

These days it’s rare to see a trailer for a video game be released without half a dozen teases or as a mere twenty second teaser that shows next to nothing.  But here we are two days removed from when the

Killer Is Dead Receives New Details and First In-Game Screens

New details on the forthcoming hodgepodge of weirdness that Grasshopper Manufacture is developing have finally been released. While Killer Is Dead, the new GhM project, was formally announced last Spring, actual details on the game remained elusive other than a vague summary which revealed the game had sci-fi action origins to enhance the backdrop of a world filled with assassins and weird men that were the size of Godzilla.

Two Games From Guild 01 May Be Bound For A Western Release

Even though the video game industry is now both centered and dominated by the Western market it’s still normal for one or two Japanese exclusives to pop up here and there. Compared to the heyday of the Sega consoles, PS1, or even the PS2 we may not see a plethora of cool Japan only games these days but such a thing does occasionally happen. One game that caught the attention of Western gamers and in turn had them hoping for an international release was Guild 01.  

Killer Is Dead Concept Art Features Giants, Space Stations, And Cybernetic Arms

For a game in which not a single in-game screenshot or trailer has been released, fans of Grasshopper Manufacture are beyond psyched for Killer Is Dead. The next game from the studio and it’s crazed founder Suda 51, Killer Is Dead surprised most of us earlier this week with the apparent tone it was striving for which seem to combine elements of Killer 7 with No More Heroes, a combination that could end up providing one of the best projects Grasshopper Manufacture has created.

Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture Reveal Killer Is Dead [Updated With Concept Art]

As expected Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture have announced their latest project since their other projects are nearing completion.  Coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the near future will be Killer Is Dead, a new game which will have Suda 51 in charge of the directing and scenario planning, a task he hasn’t done on a major GhM project since the first No More Heroes game.  Fans of Suda and GhM may be excited by the name of the studio’s new game as it somewhat resembles Killer 7, the classic Suda 51 game that was released on the GameCube and PS2 back in the day.

The Voices Of Lollipop Chainsaw Are Finally Revealed

As someone that not only enjoys video games for the action they offer but the stories they tell I always find it annoying when I hear a familiar voice but can’t place my finger on it.  Most of the time when such a thing happens I may “cheat” and watch the end credits or do a quick IMDB search to figure it out but sometimes having the answer on the tip of my tongue can be too much for me to handle, especially when it’s for a key character in a game.

Lollipop Chainsaw Hands-On [GDC 2012]

One of the many joys of attending GDC this year was getting the chance to talk to people about games. Yes, talking about video games at a conference must sound like a shocker but I wasn’t engaged in convos about which games are the best or if Skyrim is all it’s cracked up to be but instead talked about what video games are and can be in the future. With the reveal of Kara by David Cage, video games are on the cusp of reaching a high level that was previously unobtainable in terms of emotion and detail.

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