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Street Fighter X Tekken

Canada Cup Gaming - April Duels II [Wrap-Up]

This past weekend Vancouver (…or technically Richmond) played host to one of its very first professional-level tournaments. Canada Cup Gaming brought their April Duels second outing to Vancouver, and we were lucky enough to be invited to come down and watch all of the action.

The tournament took place over the span of two days, and encompassed four of the major fighting game franchises: King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken.

April Duels II - First Day, Standings, Day 2 Schedule

For those of you late-night streamers, April Duels II continues online in the Salty Suite (which should be on-air shortly if you follow the link to the Canada Cup stream #2). For everyone else, consider the day ended, and this your brief wrap up and the current standings!

Vancouver Hosts April Duels This Weekend

I play a fair bit of fighting games. I’ve even had delusions of becoming a professional gamer in the realm of Street Fighter. So, as far as eSports are concerned, I get pretty hype about the fight-game tournament scene… Those in the know probably get what I’m working up to here: Vancouver is playing host to its very first major fighting game tournament this weekend April Duels.

Mass Effect 3 DLC, Nintendo Tease, Street Fighter Announcement - TL;DNR - Feb. 21st

Throughout the day, every day, plenty of stories tend to slip through Shogun’s cracks. That’s mainly because we pride ourselves on being a site that spends a little more time digging and going in-depth with the news items of the day that pique our personal interests… However, I want to try something a little different, a little “new.” Instead of inundating our readers with a plethora of short two-sentence news times through-out the day, I’m going to bundle a couple smaller, but still significant stories into a new segment I’m tentatively calling “TL;DNR” or Too Long; Did Not Read.

Capcom Slightly Trolls Us With New Street Fighter X Tekken Roster Additions

Fighting games aren’t exactly my forte, or at least fighting games that are devoid of color-coded ninjas and an abundance of over-the-top violence.  Casey White is Shogun Gamer’s fighting game master but I felt a bit compelled to do a quick snippet on the latest reveal for Street Fighter X Tekken.  Now I’ve somewhat followed SF X Tekken since it was first announced but I haven’t been looking forward to it as much as the still to be revealed Tekken x Street Fighter, which I think could be amazing if everything comes together.

Mad Catz Product Spotlight [CES 2012]

It’s been three years, nearly to the day, since we first met up with Mad Catz at CES and were blown away by how far they’d come since the company we’d distanced ourselves from the 90s. With each passing year they have gone bigger and better, acquiring a series of partner companies with each focused on providing a top-end experience in their designated marketplaces. This past year represents as another big landmark for the company as their audio company, Tritton, partnered with Microsoft to produce a line of co-branded Microsoft headsets for the Xbox 360.

Street Fighter x Tekken Hands-on [PAX Prime 2011]

As regulars of the site know, I'm a little bit of a Capcom fan. It's not just that I think they are still the kings of the fighting genre; it's the fact that they've busted out some of the best action games that I've played during my life-long gaming career. So it's easy for me to say that they are one of the highlights at convention tour. At this year's PAX Prime I wound up taking the lead on the fighting games, 'cause seriously, who else is going to own that stuff?

Two More Characters Are Revealed For Street Fighter X Tekken

The hype around Street Fighter X Tekken has been incredibly high and justifiably so since we’re getting a dream match-up that is hardly seen in gaming.  For year’s gamers had wondered what it would be like to see the characters of Street Fighter and Tekken square off against one another and now we’re finally getting such a thing in Street Fighter X Tekken and it looks amazing.

Captivate 2011: Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and X Tekken

During Captivate 2011 today (Capcom’s annual Capcom-centric reveal show), several announcements were made regarding the future of the publisher’s long running fighting franchise: Street Fighter. It appears as though we’ll be getting two new Street Fighter games within the next year or so, as some new details were provided about both Street Fighter x Tekken, and a follow up to Super Street Fighter IV to include the new Arcade characters: Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu.

First peek at Tekken X Street Fighter

During their Street Fighter x Tekken presentation at Gamescom, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono made a special reveal concerning Tekken x Street Fighter.  Leading up to Gamescom there were rumblings that the Namco Bandai installment of the fighting game crossover would be revealed but with the internet being the tricky place that it is, there was some doubt cast on if we would actually see anything.

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