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Street Fighter IV

Canada Cup Gaming - April Duels II [Wrap-Up]

This past weekend Vancouver (…or technically Richmond) played host to one of its very first professional-level tournaments. Canada Cup Gaming brought their April Duels second outing to Vancouver, and we were lucky enough to be invited to come down and watch all of the action.

The tournament took place over the span of two days, and encompassed four of the major fighting game franchises: King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Vancouver Hosts April Duels This Weekend

I play a fair bit of fighting games. I’ve even had delusions of becoming a professional gamer in the realm of Street Fighter. So, as far as eSports are concerned, I get pretty hype about the fight-game tournament scene… Those in the know probably get what I’m working up to here: Vancouver is playing host to its very first major fighting game tournament this weekend April Duels.

Road to EVO 2K11 Mid-Point Check-in

For those of you who had been following the QuarterSave podcast before its abrupt hiatus, or read the review of the Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick, you’ll know that I’ve been in training for some time. As a life-long fan of both Vegas and Street Fighter, after watching last year’s EVO streamed online I came up with the idea of “how far could one VERY average player get with one year of training.” Well my friends, we’re coming up on the half-way point now that we’re into the new-year, and that seems a pretty apt point to provide you all with a check-in.

Street Fighter IV, gets street cred with Triumvir T-shirt Collab.

Earlier this month Triumvir announced their collaboration in time for the release of Capcoms Super Street Fighter IV. 

The T-shirt set features drawings of character''s originally featured in the 1993 release of Street Fighter II. Each design is offered in 2-3 color ways and, is definitely on my shopping list this summer.

QuarterSave: The Calm Before The Shepard EP22

Apologies for the show going up a little bit late this week, but it is up now! I appreciate all of you who waited patiently for our posting of this week’s episode. To those of you who were waiting impatiently: Here you go! Jeez! Nah, I’m only kidding, we love the fact that we’re developing a solid listener-ship, and excited to present this weeks episode.

A look at the world of fighting game tournaments

I’m sure most of us know of the level of dedication fighting game enthusiasts have when it comes to mastering a game. Fighting fans spend long hours mastering a character to the point where inputting a 50 hit combo move is a simple as breathing.  All of this practice isn’t merely for online bragging rights as the real battle begins at the various tournaments that happen around the world, whether it’s in a local basement, an EB Games store or a large scale tournament with 250 brackets held at a hotel.

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