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Slow Down, Bull [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Created by only five people from a renowned AAA console game studio, Slow Down, Bull is an adorable title suited for a younger audience and their first entry into PC gaming. Controlling a bull with a temper problem collecting art decorations might not sound like your dream game from the people who made Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive, but they are donating half of the proceeds to charity and the game itself is only a few bucks on Steam. Even with its awkward controls and frustrating level design, it would be a game for a family to enjoy together who don't game often and want to feel good knowing part of their purchase is going to a good cause.

The Pros: 

+Very colorful and cute art style
+New challenges constantly being introduced
+50% of proceeds go to charity

The Cons: 

-Awkward and stiff controls
-Random difficulty spikes Rating : 

Esteban the bull doesn't like to become stressed out, so it's your job to help him collect the art decorations he wants but without stressing him out and making him loose his cool. You'll control Esteban across 5 different areas, each with multiple levels, in search of beautiful art decorations that he can use to create and share his art. Slow Down, Bull is created by a small group of people at Insomniac Games, best known for Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and Sunset Overdrive and may seem like an odd title for their foray into PC gaming.

Steam Link Announced, Streams Steam to Living Room

Hot on the heels of the Nvidia Shield announcement, it looks like Steam has something more to bring to the table at GDC beyond their new SteamVR (now known as Vive, a partnered effort with HTC).

Steam Announces New VR Technology at GDC

Valve announced today that not only are they moving forwards with new devices for their “Steam Machines” but will also be adventuring into the world of Virtual Reality. At this year’s GDC Valve/Steam will be showing off a collection of new hardware items to represent the next generation of Steam Machines including a revised take on the controller that made such uproar last year.

TL;DR - Sept 22 - Steam Upgrade, USFIV Omega, 900p Xbone

Hello and good-evening for those late-nighters that have stumbled in upon the return of Shogun Gamer and in specific it’s semi-reoccurring truncation of the news named TL;DR. If you’re joining us here for the first time in this segment the principle is simple enough: There are some news segments that get launched out there that aren’t big enough for our editorialized articles, but we still feel the need to bring to you in some form.

The Adventure Continues: Half Minute Hero Bound For Steam/Playism

Gamers who enjoy playing addicting games that are stylish to boot should be pleased to hear that Half Minute Hero is making its long awaited debut on the PC.  After wowing gamers on the PSP and XBLA with its combination of quick adventure based RPG combat in which the clock was always ticking away, Half Minute Hero will finally be available to those who prefer the comfort a PC gives them.

TL;DR - Mar 6 - ME3 Meta Scores, SimCity 2013, SteamBox

Day two of GDC has now come to a close, and Ian and I are still thoroughly enjoying ourselves at our first ever Game Developers conference. While there’s plenty of first-hand accounts and hands-on playtests to talk about, I wanted to make sure that I kept the momentum of TL;DR and offered up a couple of stories that peaked my interest today. First up, Maxis has officially announced the release of SimCity, there’s a date, trailer and images available for those interested.

Counter-Strike Is Bound For The PSN & XBLA In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I don’t think anyone expected it to happen, but this little game called Counter-Strike is actually heading to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.  For the past ten years Counter-Strike has been a huge staple of the PC gaming scene and is considered one of the most hardcore PC FPS games on the market.  Considering that Counter-Strike is deeply rooted in certain aspects only available on the PC (constant updates, user-mods), it never seemed like Valve would bring the series over to the consoles, especially considering their somewhat apprehensive attitudes concerning the HD

The Mech Genre May Get A Boost Of Life Thanks To Strike Suit Zero

I’ve made it clear in the past that I’m a huge fan of both arcade games and those that heavily feature space battles.  Arcade games may be a dying breed these days but I can count on one hand the amount of games released in the last five years that heavily feature space battles let alone are good mech titles.  Some devs put forth a good effort when it comes to channeling the spirit of stuff like Gundam or Macross but for the most part they’re complete trash.  So with that being said my geek heart is hoping that the newly announced Strike Suit Zero will fill the massive void t

Fable III - PC [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The game that is said to be Peter Molyneux's crowning jewel was originally released last fall on consoles. The third and rumoured final game of the Fable franchise sets itself up for greatness. The PC version takes full advantage of all of the things that makes Fable III a complete game. For all of you Fable fans out there, the PC version is the way to go. The console version wasn't shy when it came to bugs and fell flat on numerous graphical aspects. The time it took to release the PC version was well worth the wait, this is the game Fable III was supposed to be.


The Pros: 

+ The sharpest looking Lionhead game EVER!
+ Smooth game play
+ Fast and easy item downloads
+ Xbox controller capable

The Cons: 

- Occasional (but few) animation failures
- Loading times could improve Rating : 


Hydrophobia Prophecy Debut Trailer Shows Some Of The New Features Gamers Can Expect

We’ve already been detailed on the many improvements and additions that are being added to Hydrophobia via the PSN/PC release Hydrophobia Prophecy and now we can see such things in action in this new gameplay trailer. To the people who haven’t played Hydrophobia before this trailer may very well mean nothing to you since it’s hard to immediately know what is and isn’t new.

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