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StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Heart of the Swarm does what every good expansion/sequel to a Blizzard title (or game in general) should. It expands on the original concepts, without killing the reason we fell in love with it in the first place, and brings something new to the table. At first glance, the changes to the competitive gaming (easily the biggest part of the game for most gamers) seem subtle, but after playing with the new units for a bit, it’s easy to see just how drastically the game has been changed for all levels of gamers.

The Pros: 

+Improvements to the play and feel of the campaign mode.

+New units drastically reshape the gameplay in competitive, with subtle tweaks to the play-style.

+Top-tier production value that we’ve come to expect from Blizzard.

+Some of the most visually impressive gameplay and cinematics in the RTS genre. 

The Cons: 

-F*ck the Zerg. Rating : 

Does anyone else feel the connection between Blizzard Entertainment and Wolverine? Seriously, it’s been bothering me all week… Every time Blizzard comes out with a new trailer, a new game, an expansion, or whatever I hear, in my head, “We are Blizzard, and we’re the best at what we do and what we do is…” roll the title and display whatever it is they are showing off that particular day of the week.

Cyber Gaming StarCraft II Tournament #5 Video Coverage & Edward StarCraft Interview

Last week Cyber Gaming teamed up with Memory Express for the fifth instalment of their StarCraft tournament series. This tournament was definitely a step forward for CyberGaming, as their event more than tripled in size when compared to their previous tournament.

Cyber Gaming StarCraft II Tournament #5, and the Winner is!

Last week Cyber Gaming teamed up with Memory Express for the latest installment #5 in their StarCraft tournament series. Luckily we at Shogungamer were there to cover this amazing tournament  This tournament was deffinetley a step in the right direction.

Cyber Gaming StarCraft II Tournament Results and Video Coverage

This past Saturday the Shogun Gamer team was on location for the Cyber Gaming StarCraft II Invitational & Tournament. Hosted by Memory Express in Richmond, this event brought out some amazingly top-tier players and wound up being one of the most impressive events we've checked out locally. Be sure to check out our image gallery and video to see for yourself. Keep reading for my impressions of the event.

Cyber Gaming x Starcraft II Invitational Tournament

Fan of Starcraft? eSport? Gaming in general? Well tomorrow’s a pretty good day then… Honestly, there’s generally always a bit of eSport going on… but tomorrow we’ve got a local Starcraft tournament going on, and Shogun Gamer is going to slide down to see what’s to be seen. Everything kicks off at 10:30 am, so if you happen to be in the Vancouver area you should definitely come down, check out the tournament, and say “hi” to the Shogun Gamer crew who will be on-site. 

Ode to Blizzard: The Two Decade Storm

When you say the name Blizzard, anyone with two nipples and an asshole gets all puckered in the backside and sharp in the front.. So, where do you even start explaining the un-natural wonder-gods that are the folks at Blizzard?

World of Starcraft Exists! Sort of...

World of Starcraft has been a dream of MMO and RTS players alike for quite some time. This week a crap-storm of drama has swirled up around a fan made SC2 mod called World of Starcraft. What started out as an innocent and awesome project by a sole developer, Ryan Winzen, has turned into a story worthy of your eyes and ears.

QuarterSave: Jailbroken Edition EP47

This week’s very special episode of the QuarterSave podcast deals with the recent changes that have been going on with regards to how media is used. Specifically the fact that jailbreaking an iPhone is now 100% LEGAL. That ends up being a good chunk of the show honestly, as we’ve both been playing with the new iOS4 on our iPhones and some of the features that are presented via jailbreaking (LEGALLY) as well as our trending topic about the other changes that the bill introduced (ability to rip owned DVDs, etc).

Starcraft II [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

One of the most value-packed PC titles that I've experienced in sometime, Starcraft II offers a whole lot of awesome in one small pack. Both the multiplayer aspects and the single player game are fantastic and expansive. This is definitely a must-have title for all gamers (RTS fans and non alike).

The Pros: 

Plenty of game-types to choose from. Wide, expansive single player campaign, with branching story-lines that allow for multiple play-throughs. Deep multiplayer experiences that are as fun as our memories of the original title. Plenty of game modes including: campaign, challenges, multiplayer matches, and even an arcade shooter to take an in-game break from the war.

The Cons: 

Honestly? I can't think of even one thing that could have improved this title. Rating : 

For the last week or so I’ve been trying to decide on how to approach a review on a series that, honestly, I felt under-qualified to write about. Writing a review of a wildly popular RTS for PC is something that can be a bit tricky when you don’t particularly enjoy RTS games, and your preferred medium is the console for gaming.

QuarterSave: Improving The Design EP46

QuarterSave returns this week, a day later than usual, with a couple of tired and worn heroes at the helm; as I’ve been sick and Corey has been working his ass off. None the less we managed to throw together a pretty decent show for you all! This week we focus around the release of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 demo on the Japanese Playstation Store, Realtime World’s Project: MyWorld, and a creepy little Pokémon mod called “Pokémon Black”. 

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