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Starbreeze (The Darkness) Reveals The Fantasy Based Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

When a developer hypes up an upcoming project without showing or telling us anything it usually results in complete disappointment. Gamers may be hard to please at times, but when something is teased to be surprising only to be revealed as a derivative mess of concepts that isn’t new by any means, then the further flaming gamers may give a particular studio can be justified.  

Starbreeze (Riddick, Syndicate) Is Making The Jump To The PSN

While they’re still busy wrapping up production on EA’s Syndicate reboot, Swedish developer Starbreeze has revealed that they’re working on a new title bound for the PlayStation Network. Revealed in an interview with PSM3 Magazine, Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark commented that the studio is working on a self-financed project that is slated for release next year.

Syndicate Walkthrough Video Shows Some Decent Action and Thrills

The amount of skepticism concerning EA’s reboot of Syndicate is entirely justified since there are some issues or at least general worries about the game.  Gone is the strategy focused action of the previous Syndicate games as it’s been replaced with FPS action that at times seems overly similar to what we’ve seen in other games.  But if one were to look at Syndicate as its own thing, entirely unrelated or inspired by something that gamers loved over ten years ago, then maybe the Syndicate reboot will be able to survive and garner the interest of gamers.

Syndicate Premier Trailer Features More Standard FPS Action, Slick Sci-Fi Visuals

EA and Starbreeze really didn’t make gamers feel overly excited when the long in development Syndicate reboot/relaunch was announced since it seemed like an average FPS game.  With only a few scant details and in-game screens, the new Syndicate game appeared to be something that had good intentions behind it but was ultimately deemed by core Syndicate fan as yet another FPS game with a few Syndicate elements thrown in.  Such early sentiments were initially thought to be common jaded thoughts from a particular fanbase, but this premier trailer for Syndicate is rather telling of the

EA Finally Reveals The Somewhat Average Looking Syndicate Reboot

After being rumored for a long time and then somewhat announced and later delayed, Electronic Arts has finally announced their reboot of the cult favorite Syndicate franchise.  Once a major series for EA back before they became known for their sports and action titles, Syndicate was a game that didn’t instantly rely on how fast your trigger finger was but how smart you were.  Now under the guise of Swedish developer Starbreeze (The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay), Syndicate is partly dumping its past in favor of becoming an action centric game of the FPS

These New Details For The Darkness II Sound Promising

This month we got a welcomed surprise with Take-Two Interactive’s announcement of The Darkness II.  We had a confirmation of sorts that a sequel was being prepped for The Darkness, but considering that news was nearly two years old it was thought that the game was perhaps cancelled.  But alas, later this year we’re going to step into the shoes of Jackie Estacado once again as he tries to grapple with the Darkness that resides within him and the mobsters that are trying to end his life.

OXM UK Teases New Game, Likely To Be Syndicate Remake

The next month or so should be interesting on the game reveal front as several companies apparently have stuff lined up to shock us all.  THQ has something planned for next month, Sony will no doubt reveal some goodness at GDC (while I bitterly sit and watch at home) and now we have a “triple-A” franchise set to be revealed in the foreseeable future via The Official Xbox Magazine UK Edition.  Originally the reveal of said game X was to appear next month but a last minute change has pushed the reveal back.

EA submits Syndicate trademarks. Could an announcement be coming soon?

This is one of those things where everyone wishes the company will just do the right thing and fess up right now.  It’s been rumored for months, and now EA has given us yet another hint that a Syndicate game is still in the works.

EA reveals which Starbreeze game got the boot (hint: it involves a spy)

Yesterday developer Starbreeze announced that one of their two projects for Electronic Arts was cancelled.  Neither EA nor Starbreeze commented as to what the game was so it was unclear if it was the rumored Syndicate reboot or the announced Jason Bourne game. I went out on a limb and said that the Bourne game was probably canned and thankfully I don’t look silly based on what EA has revealed.

EA cancels one of Starbreeze's games (it's either Jason Bourne or Syndicate)

Today word has come out that one of the games in the EA Partners Program has been axed.  Developer Starbreeze (Chronicles of Riddick, The Darkness) has announced that one of the two projects they had in developed with EA has been cancelled.

Starbreeze didn’t elaborate as to what the canceled game was. So it’s unclear if the Jason Bourne game that was in development was given the boot or the rumored Syndicate reboot. Since it was announced last year we've heard nothing on the Jason Bourne project so who knows what the status on that project was.

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