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Star Wars

An Era Is Over: LucasArts Is Officially Closed

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars empire has now claimed its second victim: that of LucasArts. After shuttering production on the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, Disney has announced that they will be closing as an internal development studio LucasArts effective immediately.

Star Wars 1313 Reportedly On Hold [Rumor]

Even though it’s one of the most recognizable and popular franchises in the world, Star Wars simply can’t catch a break when it comes to the world of video games.  After starting out strong in the mid 1990s, the Star Wars franchise has slowly declined in recent years through a derth of interesting releases. Now there's another disturbance in the Force which could result in yet another Star Wars being cancelled.

Angry Birds Is Teaming Up With Star Wars For A Mystery Project

The Star Wars franchise may officially be beyond the point of no return as far as its video game efforts are concerned.  We may all love a good space battle or a lightsaber fight, but the Star Wars franchise is now traveling into a level of product cross-over/pure cash grab moment that may be completely unjustified.

Kinect Star Wars Footage Looks Amazing But Not For The Reasons You Would Think

Having a gap between generations when it comes to tastes, preferences, and favorite things is fine but I’ll never for the life of me figure out how youngsters can enjoy the modern day Star Wars offerings. Outside of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon on the Cartoon Network, Star Wars has transformed into something that is nowhere near the magical experience it used to be.  These days we’ve been stuck in the Clone Wars Saga for over a decade and I’m honestly a bit sick of it.

Kinect Star Wars Finally Receives A Release Date (Yippee!)

There may be attention around it for all the wrong reasons, but today Microsoft and LucasArts officially revealed the release date for Kinect Star Wars.  The Kinect centric game that has made gamers shudder with disgust hasn’t exactly had the best showing as of late, but maybe it’s just a case of old footage being shown. Or maybe the game is just as dreadful as it appears to be and will only be valuable for two things: it’ll give us comedy and possibly the most kick ass Limited Edition Xbox 360 console.

Kinect Star Wars Footage Once Again Shows That The Force Isn't Strong [Updated]

Yesterday we received a video that was very special for a lot of different reasons. While I may not have made a news post for said video, I did opt to make a brief post on the Shogun Gamer Facebook page. Our loyal readers may know what I’m talking about as I’m referring to the live-action promo video for Kinect Star Wars

LucasArts Now Looking For Devs With FPS Experience. Could A Franchise Revival Be Inbound?

Right now we’re in full-on TGS hype mode but some interesting new unrelated to the Japanese mega-event has surfaced.  We all know that for the past few months, or rather the past few years, LucasArts has been a bit of a mess as they’ve been all over the place and have somehow managed to ruin any sort of chance of doing a good Star Wars or Indiana Jones game.  After the somewhat lackluster reaction of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II received that franchise was likely put to pasture which left LucasArts with no major projects and a somewhat meager work force.

It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later, LucasArts Cancels Yet Another Unannounced Star Wars Game

I don’t know if LucasArts just likes to spend money on projects that will never see the light of day or they simply like to screw with notable developers but I think it’s a bit of both.  After cancelling Star Wars Battlefront 3 when it was under development at Free Radical and then canning Battlefront 3 when it was at development at Slant Six, LucasArts has yet cancelled yet another Star Wars game. 

Combine Star Wars With Modern Warfare And You Get An Awesome Mod

PC game mods can be a beautiful thing since they often bring us stuff that either fixes the core game itself or provides an entirely new experience that someone out there wasn’t smart enough to capitalize on.  Say what you will about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but if the game has done one terrific thing that will forever be remembered it’s that it was able to bring us the vision of Star Wars: Galactic Warfare. 

Kinect Star Wars Footage Looks Slightly Horrendous [E3 2011]

E3 2011 hasn’t officially kicked off yet but the vibe is in full effect, not only because I’m at a hotel located a few blocks away from the L.A.

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