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Star Trek

Star Trek: The Video Game Gets Release Date (No, There Aren't Any Khan/Gary Mitchell Teases)

Last week sci-fi fans were chattering about one thing they were waiting months for: the first trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, the follow-up to the franchise reboot helmed by J.J Abrams.  Say what you will about the finer points of the massive restart button that was pressed on the Trek franchise, but as an action pop-corn flick it gave us the goods thus a sequel was prepped. 

New Star Trek Trailer Has A Ton Of Intense Phaser Pew-Pewing

We could be on the cusp of something special in the video game industry: a game based on a movie franchise may not be total trash.  I know that such a statement may indeed be shocking to hear, but based on this latest trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game I think Trekkies and video game fans alike may have just cause to be excited.

The Star Trek Franchise Is Travelling To The Video Game Universe Once Again

The Star Trek franchise may be one of the biggest things in the world of entertainment and sci-fi, but when transported to the densely populated video game universe the franchise just hasn’t fared that well.  In some respects it should be relatively easy to create a Star Trek game since there are a bazillion different characters to utilize and even opportunities for one-off scenarios via the Mirror Universe (the alt Star Trek universe where everyone is evil and has goatees).  There have been a few memorable Star Trek games such as

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