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Square Enix

Square Enix Preps Final Fantasy V For The PlayStation Network

In recent years Square Enix has made a habit to release revamped versions of their classic Final Fantasy games. Today Square Enix made the announcement that Final Fantasy V would also be getting a makeover for its eventual release on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 and PSP.  Though few details have been released, it has been stated that the new editions will feature new CG cinematic scenes exclusive to the PSN adaptations.

New Teaser Pics For Hitman 5 Surface

For being a man that’s supposed to stick to the shadows or walk amongst us with no one having a clue, Agent 47 hasn’t been doing that good of job lately as far as staying low is concerned. But maybe a man can only stick to the shadows for so long or finally realize that killing a florist in order to infiltrate a gated compound is a bit much, hence Agent 47 is out and about in almost plain view.

Hitman Could Be Making His Long Awaited Return This Year [Rumor]

Last year E3 was a disappointment of sorts as yet again it didn’t yield any sort of reveals concerning the future of the Hitman franchise.  But at least we didn’t have to patiently twiddle our thumbs whilst E3 was happening waiting for a Hitman press release to drop since developer IO Interactive confirmed that the our favorite bald hitman would be M.I.A. before the event started.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Live Blog [PAX East 2011]

It should come to no one’s surprise here at Shogun that Deus Ex is one of my favorite games of all time. So when I heard that Square Enix is creating a sequel to the first RPG I ever played. I got really excited. Then it was followed by a feeling of caution. What if the gameplay of the Deus Ex franchise didn't stand the test of time. Well today I get to find out as the community over here at PAX East 2011 ask Square Enix questions about one of the most badass RPG's of all time. Come back here to Shogun Gamer, on this article, to follow the live blog for the Deus Ex Q&A.

Update: There was a slight typo in the blog everybody. During the key Q&A there was no annoucement of a demo at all. This was specualtion and assumption on my part and I forgot to type this into the answer.

Original Answer was: Demo will be release on steam, xbl, and psn.

True Answer was supposed to be: I assume demo will be release on steam, xbl, and psn.

I prefusely apologize and hope you continue to come back to shogun gamer for more news and coverage of future conventions.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Release Date Announced

You've probably been wondering for a while now when Square Enix's epic sci-fi RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution is going to come out. Well thanks to some Australian Retailers who leaked the date to media we can now give you some closure as the game's official release will be on August 25th for Australians, the 26th for the U.K., and the 23rd for us North Americans.

Tomb Raider Is Getting Another Reboot, This Time It's For The Movie Franchise

If one reboot of Tomb Raider wasn’t enough for you, then how does a cinematic reboot sound as well? In addition to the Tomb Raider video game reboot which sees a younger Lara Croft become the adventurer we all know that lies deep inside her, production company GK Films has secured the rights to do a live-action Tomb Raider film.  GK Films, which has brought us projects ranging from the Nic Cage film “Next” to quality stuff like “The Town”, has a planned 2013 release for their Tomb Raider film.

A Blurry Screenshot of Thief 4 Emerges, But At Least It's Something

I may be excited for it, but amidst all the other games being released or announced, I kind of forgot that Square Enix was still making Thief 4.  Unlike other games whose development has about fifteen different layers of subterfuge to it, Thief 4 was indeed announced publicly to be in development, though not a single peep has been said about it.  The lack of immediate publicity and or details for Thief 4 can likely be stemmed from how Eidos Montreal is handling the project and as we all know they’re busy finishing up the possible GOTY candidate that is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Nintendo Announces The Official Software Launch Roster For the 3DS

After somewhat dilly dallying around the subject with vague comments and using the term “launch window”, Nintendo of America has officially revealed the launch roster for the Nintendo 3DS.  Nintendo has already told gamers in Europe and Japan what they can expect when the company’s newfangled 3D capable device is released but gamers in North America have been left playing the guessing game in the hopes that something worth wild will surface.

Legacy of Kain/Blood Omen 3 Concept Art Shows Us The Game We Never Got

Amongst the games that rightfully deserve a new installment on the HD systems, the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain series is definitely one that should grace us with its presence once more.  For gamers who sadly didn’t experience the Blood Omen or LoK games for the PS1 and PS2, the series revolved around a battle between vampire factions and the remnants of humanity that existed in an ancient gothic/medieval setting.  The Blood Omen/LoK series gained popularity amongst gamers thanks to its complex story that interwove plots that at times spanned entire centuries, which occasionally made

Wait, The Hitman Movie Sequel Is Still Going Forward?

I wasn’t even aware that the next film based on the popular video game series Hitman was moving forward, but apparently it is.  After we received an ok adaptation of everyone’s favorite bald assassin, Twentieth Century Fox has seemingly given the go ahead on a second film despite the low box office take of the first attempt at bringing Agent 47 to life.  We have received word in the past that a second Hitman movie was in the works, though now it seems that things are advancing ever so steadily as the latest script has been turned in, which thankfully for us has possibly revealed t

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