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Square Enix

See The Creation Of The Stunning Tomb Raider Premier Trailer

The initial impression made by the new Tomb Raider game at E3 this year was a bit mixed. Seeing a younger and less experienced Lara Croft navigate a dangerous cavern did look good and was thankfully not a minor improvement over past iterations but some elements like the constant QTE sequences, Lara’s constant moaning and the all too convenient barrel puzzle did stick out for all the wrong reasons for some people.

Quarterly Final Fantasy Versus XIII Update Sounds Promising But Isn't Substantial

It’s once again that special and somewhat anticipated time in which Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura decide to reveal some details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  I know that the Final Fantasy series hasn’t exactly been as stellar as it once was but you really can’t blame gamers for being pissed off since Square Enix has slightly mismanaged the franchise this generation.  Some of the sentiments concerning Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be steeped in how the game is somewhat of a joke seeing as how it’s only shown when Square Enix deems it to be the right time and of course there are l

Want A Free Bionic Arm From Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

This isn’t really breaking news per say as it more or so falls in line with how cool certain contests can be yet at the same time being wholly ridiculous.  In an attempt to further hype up Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is coming out in August, Square Enix is throwing one of those fancy video game contests that have been present since the SNES days.  Like Deus Ex itself, the contest Square Enix is throwing is rather impressive and is far from being normal, mainly because you have the chance to win a bionic arm.

New Screens of Square Enix's Unique Looking Yet Cancelled Action Game Dropship

Square Enix may be known mostly for their RPG games which at this point honestly don’t hold as much weight or immediate importance as they once had. Since the Western market is now the dominant force in the video game industry and often drives a new source of creativity from developers, Square Enix has been one of the latest Japanese companies to create games tailored to Western audiences.

Tomb Raider Premier Trailer Is Gritty And A Wee Bit Depressing

Lara Croft is an icon in the world of video games even if she might not have had a terrific outing this generation.  After a series of games in the early 2000s that were clearly derivative and stuck in an era which was making the series look dated, the Tomb Raider franchise came back with a nice reboot of sorts with two PlayStation 2/Xbox games that offered some new mechanics (grapple device) and just offered some genuinely fun gameplay.  But then Tomb Raider made its HD premier with Tomb Raider: Underworld and the game had its moments, but for some odd reason was rougher around t

Legacy of Kain Could Be Making A Much Awaited Return

There are quite a few franchises that gamers really want to come back in some form.  Over the years we’ve seen franchises come and go and even popular ones such as Onimusha have vanished to the ether despite selling millions of units and gaining a wide fanbase across the globe.  One such franchise that has a massive cult following, both amongst gamers and developers is the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain series. 

Latest Dead Island Trailer Tugs At Our Emotions Once Again

The first Dead Island trailer hit the internet like a zombie apocalypse, becoming widely popular and viewed by scores of gamers very quickly. While this new trailer may not have the same effect as the original, it does still make an attempt at an emotional connection with the viewer. Apart from that, it is nice to finally see some in game action.

Hitman: Absolution Gets Some Key Hollywood Talent

Two days ago we received the official confirmation of Hitman: Absolution, the latest tale of Agent 47 who once again finds himself killing people and running from mysterious and highly deadly people.  Square Enix and developer IO Interactive didn’t reveal too much about the plot of the game outside of saying that Agent 47 would be out on the run once more, not only from the law but from people who are none too pleased with him sticking his noise in their business.

Square Enix Releases A Short But Memorable Teaser Trailer For Hitman: Absolution

Square Enix and IO Interactive have been teasing us about the return of the Hitman franchise and now we’re only one step away from the proper reveal of the project.  Today Square Enix has released the first teaser trailer, and it’s definitely a teaser, for Hitman: Absolution, the long awaited return of the stoic bald hitman who has become a video game icon over the past ten years.

A Small Update On The Upcoming Tomb Raider Film

Hey, you remember the recent news that broke concerning yet another film adaptation of the Tomb Raider franchise? Well it appears that some actual headway has been made in the projects as writers Hawk Ostby (best name ever) and Mark Fergus have been attached to write the film. Normally news like this either wouldn’t be that big or it would just be greeted as bad news due to the background of the writers in question.

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