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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough Video Is Cool But Isn't The Same Hitman We're Used To

I thought today was going to be another easy going if not completely standard Monday in which we receive next to no good news or general announcements.  Staying true to its stealth based nature, our very first walkthrough video of Hitman: Absolution has some out of the shadows to give us a bit of a shock. With the more mainstream approach Hitman: Absolution is taking some longtime fans had wondered if Agent 47’s return would be best forgotten – if only to maintain the glory days of our favorite bald assassin.

Why You Should Care: Just Cause 2

You know... I didn't honestly think that this week's title was one that I was going to have to write about. It was just assumed that everyone had already played this game... I'll give you that it wasn't the deepest story, and some of the characters in the game were annoying enough that I found myself reaching for the mute button during a few select cut-scenes... but we play games for the interactive portion right? We like them because they're fun, and we can get away with activities within them that will NEVER happen in the real world, right?

Final Fantasy vs. XIII Still Exists And Here Are Some New Details For It

If you did a quick scan of all the games and news that came out of the Tokyo Game Show last week you may notice one major omission: Final Fantasy vs. XIII.  The game did not follow typical Square Enix fashion by appearing in a closed mega theater guarded by ninjas armed with Sephiroth swords to kill those who would record footage of a new trailer nor did the game appear in a behind closed doors capacity. Square Enix simply didn’t feel like the time was right to show the game thus we still don’t have any new media since we saw the game earlier this year in January.

Sony Offers Up Some Major Updates On The PlayStation Vita (Launch Games, New Titles, Battery Life)

Since TGS is kicking off this week Sony decided to have a little shindig before the event officially starts to announce a few very important details about the PlayStation Vita.  Sony may have already dropped the megaton bomb of how much the Vita would cost internationally at E3 this year, but other prime details like battery life, launch titles and 3rd party support were said to be revealed at a later date – which as it turns out was Sony’s TGS 2011 conference.  With gamers having a lot of hype for the Vita given the sudden downturn of the Nintendo 3DS (what the hell is up with th

Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes as close to deliverying on its campaign promises as any game has ever dared before. The story line is an epic web of conspiracies and lies interwoven with a question of humanity and what it means to each player. By the end of the game you'll have created your own individual Adam Jensen whose final choice may surprise even you. 

The Pros: 

+Brilliant sci-fi noir-esque story.

+Interesting and relatable characters.

+Plenty of replay value.

+Deep and expansive world with plenty to do and see.

+An almost unpressidented level of 'play how you want'.

The Cons: 

-The game does heavily favor stealth, if that's now how you play/wanted to play you can miss out on some of the side-quests/rewards of the game. Rating : 

Just over two years ago now I was lead into a private booth on the floor of E3 to catch my first glimpse of Human Revolution. The demo that I saw then would set an impossibly high bar that no game could ever match. The demo show cased gorgeous cinematics, stealth-oriented gameplay, ridiculous take-downs in the form (in single, double, and five-at-a-time varieties) combined with dialog from the development team; which wound up selling me with one quote: "You can play through the entire game without killing anyone."

Dead Island Goes Gold and Receives Co-op Trailer

The big news today regarding Dead Island was the upcoming game has gone gold and is now in production. Along with that statement, came a new co-op trailer displaying gameplay, bits of dialogue and – above all else – loads of gore.

An Update On The Status Of Final Fantasy vs. XIII At TGS (It's Not Good)

At this point I guess we should always expect something disappointing to pop out of Final Fantasy vs.

True Crime: Hong Kong Lives On Thanks To An Unexpected Savior

These days if a game gets cancelled it’s completely dead and the only way its legacy lives on is if a developer or publisher opts to utilize some of the tech or mechanics for a completely different game.  Sony may have cancelled the PS3 title Eight Days but the tech that SCE developed lived on in other games while Sony opted to not resurrect the title later down the road.  In news that normally wouldn’t be expected to drop on a boring Monday afternoon in the Summer, Square Enix has revealed that they have picked up the rights to the cancelled True Crime: Hong Kong.

Dead Island Will Be Infecting PlayStation Home Just Before Release

Deep Silver and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that PlayStation Home will feature an upcoming mini game related to Dead Island. Much like Royal Palms Resort – the setting of Dead Island – Home will be suddenly plagued with copious amounts of walking dead. The mini game will feature many elements of the full game, such as crafting weapons and defending against zombies. Players can also just to enjoy this game with friends, taking advantage of the four player co-op offered.

Why You Should Care: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

One of the most frustrating things about working for Shogun Gamer is that there are just simply not enough hours in the day to get a chance to write about every piece of news that catches my attention throughout the week. There is a constant stream of new media being funnelled through the internet via the video game industry and more often than not it’s something that I personally want to rant about; whether that’s positive or negative.

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