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Square Enix

True Crime: Hong Kong Has Been Redubbed Sleeping Dogs [Updated]

A few of us may be kicking ourselves for not fully expecting this, but it appears that the recent Square Enix trademark Sleeping Dogs isn’t for a new Kane & Lynch installment but is instead the new title for the resurrected True Crime: Hong Kong.  

Square Enix And Tetsuya Nomura Working On "Secret" Project

Square Enix Designer/Director extraordinaire Tetsuya Nomura has come out of the posh yet slightly cavernous caves that are the SE Japan offices to do the usual: unintentionally tease gamers of things we may not see for at least two years.  For the past four years Tetsuya has somewhat pulled our chain concerning Final Fantasy vs. XIII, a game which we see only once a year – much like a groundhog exiting its hole.  I won’t go into a mass tirade about how the prolonged development and lack of details about FF vs.

A Small But Important Update On The New Tomb Raider

Details may have been scarce since the game was unveiled and shown behind closed doors at E3 last year, but things are progressing well with the new Tomb Raider reboot. In fact things at Crystal Dynamics have been going so smoothly that it has been revealed that Tomb Raider has now reached the all-important Alpha stage which could mean we’ll see Lara Croft return sooner rather than later.

First Possible Hint Of Kane & Lynch 3? [Rumor]

The series may not have the best reputation both for logical issues and things that were beyond it’s control, but the Kane & Lynch series may indeed be receiving a third entry.  Far from being a massive hit that is loved by gamers across the globe, the Kane & Lynch series has a cult following of sorts in addition to both games doing decent at retail, thus the potential of a third entry in the works.  

The World Of TRON Returns To Kingdom Hearts

Despite being a Kingdom Hearts fan I haven’t been paying too much to Kingdom Hearts 3D. With my current portable action destined to be on the PlayStation Vita fulltime I had kind of pushed KH3D aside partly because it seemed to be a bit of a rehash and because the KH series has gotten somewhat nonsensical as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the general concept of Kingdom Hearts but the series has somewhat become too big for its own good and honestly, I think most gamers just want a legit version of Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of prequels. 

Just Cause Movie Still In The Works, At Least For Now

As we reported many moons ago, the ever popular Just Cause video game series is receiving a live-action film adaptation and as it stands now such a thing is still in the works.  While it has been three years since the project was announced, film producers Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner still hope to bring the adventures of Just Cause to the big screen and have enlisted a new writer to pen the flick. 

IO Interactive Is Going The New IP Route After Hitman: Absolution

The further adventures of Kane & Lynch may have been put on the backburner as IO Interactive will begin work on a new IP after completing Hitman: Absolution.  IO Interactive studio head Niels Sorensen revealed the news in a recent interview with Gamasutra.

Square Enix Expands Montreal Team + Opens New Studio (Interesting Hitman News Inside)

Things are going good for Square Enix ever since the company bought the remnants of Eidos back in 2009.  Unlike most mergers or major acquisitions, Square Enix didn’t cannibalize what was left of Eidos but instead decided to nurture the company and make it an integral part of the Western centric goals that Square Enix has.  With the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution being a success for both Square Enix and the team at Eidos Montreal, Square Enix has revealed their plans to strengthen the development team in Montreal as well as what the future holds for the team.

Thief 4 Storyboard Images Give Us A Small Look At The Game

Now that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has gone on to become a mega hit Eidos Montreal will be able to put their full efforts into Thief 4. Long in development and publicly announced to a degree, details on Thief 4 have remained as elusive as the titular character, with only minor glimpses or murmurs here and there.  Square Enix has been keeping Thief 4 in the shadows for now but we’re bound to get a proper reveal in the coming months, either at E3 or even earlier at an event like GDC.

Tech Demos For Square Enix's Next-Gen Graphics Engine Are Impressive

We may not be there quite yet but sooner or later we’re going to start hearing legit word on the next-gen of consoles. Sure, the Wii U may have effectively kicked off the next generation to an extent but the big goodness is going to come from whatever Sony and Microsoft come up with their next consoles.  At this point gamers and even industry pundits are still figuring out whether Sony and Microsoft will push things to the limit or merely provide subtle enhancements coupled by major software revisions like improved online features and emphasis on cloud gaming.

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