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Square Enix

The High-Octane Driving Action Of Sleeping Dogs Is Highlighted In This New Video

The main source of action in Sleeping Dogs may be using a bit of old-school punching and kicking to either subdue perps or entirely put them out of commission.  Using some martial arts moves to defeat an enemy is fun but there’s something special about blowing up a car whilst riding a motorcycle and then seeing said car flip and turn before it ultimately goes boom. Opting to present a diverse gameplay experience, Sleeping Dogs is set to feature equal parts melee combat and driving action, the latter of which is on display in this new video.

Square Enix Goes All Out With Special Kingdom Hearts Anniversary/KH3D Presentation


Knowing that the Kingdom Hearts franchise is now ten years old makes me feel incredibly old and just want to just go into old man mode based on what kids are playing these days. Having played Kingdom Hearts when it first came out it’s nice to see the franchise still maintain a nice level of popularity ten years later, even if the story requires a massive chart to be laid out in an attempt to make one element make sense.

Legacy of Kain Could Finally Be Coming Back [Rumor]

We may soon receive one of those rare occasions in which we’ll receive a sequel or at least a reboot of a video games series that deserves to make a triumphant return. For years there’s been a dedicated sect of gamers who wanted to see the Legacy of Kain series continue in any fashion, either through games focused on Kain or somehow further continue the Raziel series even though his journey seemingly came to a rather ironic and bittersweet ending.

Most Unexpected IP Revival Ever: More Mini Ninjas Action May Be Coming Soon

Just like movies there are video game franchises that premier, do little to no business yet to only return a few years later with a now established cult audience.  I may still be personally waiting for a new Silent Bomber or Omega Boost game, but there are some lesser known video game franchises that receive a second lease at life and Mini Ninjas may just be one of those games.

Sleeping Dogs Hands-On [GDC 2012]

The streets of Hong Kong can be a beautiful place but at the same time there’s an underbelly that may not be entirely rosy and instead is violent and simply lawless.  There are two sides to everything and there are definitely two sides to a person, which is the case in Sleeping Dogs.

New Sleeping Dogs Trailer Is Full Of Drama and Action

Last month we were treated to the surprise reveal of Sleeping Dogs, the game formerly known as True Crime: Hong Kong. Still developed by United Front Games but under the guise of Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs’ return was eventful and thankfully didn’t result in immediate disappointment.  With a stunning live-action trailer serving as the introduction to the game, the actual gameplay didn’t disappoint either when that was finally shown as the mixture of established open-world action elements combined with new stylistic choices resulted in a marriage that we hardly see in games.

Former God of War Director Joins Crystal Dynamics

A longtime industry veteran has now found a permanent home in a somewhat unlikely place.  God of War 2 Director Cory Barlog has now joined Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) in a yet to be revealed capacity.  The man behind the second God of War game left Sony Santa Monica shortly after the game released to pursue greener pastures, one of which was working on a Mad Max video game.

TRON: Legacy Is Fully Revealed In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Right now I’m an extremely envious and slightly mad gamer but at the same time my inner geek is going nuts.  Last December it was revealed that TRON: Legacy would be included as one of the new worlds in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, the new KH spin-off game scheduled to appear on the Nintendo DS.  Out of the new worlds Square Enix and Disney are adding in Kingdom Hearts 3D, the TRON world by far held the most excitement amongst Kingdom Hearts gamers and those who simply love TRON since as most of us know TRON = goodness of the coolest kind.

Fortune Street [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Fortune Street is kind of like an advanced Monopoly. The core concept is the same: build and advance property to get more money than the other players, but with the addition of stocks, mini-games, punch-cards and sneaky insider-trading. 

The Pros: 

+More challenging than your standard gameplay.

+NPC characters provide dialog between rounds to make them feel like real players.

+Playing the stock market can be super rewarding, when you get the hang of it.

The Cons: 

-Might be a little much for the average player, or childern that generally play Mario titles.

-Rounds can feel a little tedious as games go on quite long, and are very focused on the board game without diversions. Rating : 

“Don’t call it Mario Monopoly.” Is what we were told when we first saw the game… but that didn’t stop our Managing Editor, Corey Rollins, when he wrote his brief hands-on impression of the game late last year, and while the comparison is a fair one (you are Mario, it is a board-game focused around buying and advancing property for the purposes of having the most money in the game) it doesn’t paint a complete picture of exactly what Fortune Street has to offer.

Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja Figure Is Revealed And It Looks Amazing

I may already have too many video game related products as it stands now, but I’ll likely be adding a few more items to my collection in the near future – one of which will be this exquisite Cyborg Ninja figure.  Today Hideo Kojima took to his Twitter account to do something somewhat rare: he made a Twitter reveal that wasn’t wrapped in a bundle of secrecy that was also serving as an epic teaser.

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