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Square Enix

What Kingdom Hearts could've been

Speaking to Famitsu Square Enix mastermind Tetsuya Nomura talked about some of the hurdles Square had while taking on Kingdom Hearts.  Developing a concept around a revered property such as Disney wasn’t easy for Nomura and his team as some of the many creative differences between the East and West powerhouse studios included Square wanting the game to be based around Mickey while Disney wanted Donald Duck to the protagonist.

Just Cause 2 is bringing crazy back

September 27th 2006 the Xbox 360 got one of its first open world third-person shooter; Just Cause. The game was the best showcase of the Xbox 360’s graphical upgrade over the previous consoles. But what it lacked in graphical power; it made up for in balls-out crazy over the top action.

Hands-on impressions of the Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version

Ever since its premiere trailer at E3 2006 fans have been absolutely clamoring for Final Fantasy XIII to be released. It has definitely been a tough three years since then due to new media for the game has been rather scarce and limited to the occasional Famitsu article and closed theater screenings at Square Enix events.  Add that to the announcement at last year’s E3 that the game would be multiplatform and appear on the Xbox 360 as well and you’re definitely going to have a fanbase that is restless and angry.

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