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Square Enix

Square Enix Files Legacy of Kain Related Domain

Our long awaited return to Nosgoth could finally become a reality based on a recent development. After being whispered for the past two years, Square Enix may have finally settled on a new installment in the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series based on a domain name that was filed.

Hitman Film Sequel Gets The Reboot Treatment

Hollywood studio FOX is rebooting Square Enix’s Hitman franchise for yet another theatrical outing. After debuting in 2007 with a lukewarm critical reaction, the first Hitman movie managed to make a modest profit, mostly courtesy of European terrorities thus a sequel is in the works. 

Tomb Raider Trailer Shows More Action and Lara In Distress

Once again the Spike VGAs gave gamers and the ultra mainstream audience a “taste” of the games industry, or a very small piece of it, in addition to an array of new glimpses of existing games.  Most of us may still be trying to wrap our heads around what Hideo Kojima did with The Phantom Pain, but there were some more direct and less trollish trailers such as the extended look at the new Tomb Raider reboot.

Concept Art Surfaces For Hitman 6

If you’ve already cleared every mission in Hitman: Absolution on the highest difficulty setting without the aid of that silly Predator vision non-sense, then you’re in luck as Square Enix understands the potential and wide reach of the series.  Even though IO Interactive may have just wrapped up work on the fifth entry in the Hitman series, which has received a solid reception thus far, Square Enix Montreal has been tasked to handle the sixth entry in the Hitman franchise, presumably for a possible late 2013 release.

Director & Writer Chosen For Deus Ex: Human: Revolution Movie

Making video games into movies has always been a hot item amongst Hollywood studios and producers, though in the past few months it’s almost shocking to see projects make actual headway as opposed to lingering in development hell. 

New Sleeping Dogs DLC Set To Include New Island, Enemies, and Cutscenes

If fighting vampires and evil spirits via the last Sleeping Dogs DLC wasn’t your thing, then perhaps partaking in an Enter the Dragon style fighting tournament will be right up your alley.  The latest addition in the rather extensive DLC schedule of Sleeping Dogs will be a new island which will see everyone’s favorite undercover cop Wei Shen compete a deadly fight tournament off the coast of Hong Kong.

Square Enix World Technology Director Drops Minor Updates On Agni's Philosophy and FF versus XIII

The Western branch of Square Enix has surprisingly done well this generation thanks to the likes of Avalanche Games (Just Cause), established properties such as Tomb Raider, and acquiring titles such as Sleeping Dogs. Sadly the same can’t be said of the core team at Square Enix Japan since development troubles and misguided projects have plagued the once mighty developer.  

Sleeping Dogs Goes The Horror Route With Nightmare in Northpoint DLC [Video]

It may be a common theme now since past endeavors have proved successful as Sleeping Dogs is the latest game to release a Halloween/horror themed DLC add-on.  Rockstar Games got the ball rolling two years ago with the release of RDR: Undead Nightmare and then Sucker Punch released the massively successfully Infamous 2 add-on Festival of Blood.  Now Square Enix and United Front Games are stepping up to the plate with their own brand of horror in Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in Northpoint.

Final Fantasy Dimensions - Prologue and Chapter 1 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Mixed. If released twenty years ago, FFD might have occupied the same hallowed headspace as the Squaresoft masterpieces of the mid 90s—all the ingredients look to be here in more-or-less the right quantities, and no one would balk at the $29 price for a full console RPG. Today, though, you have a decent iOS RPG with above-average graphics, sound, combat, and character customization, but the cookie-cutter character archetypes and job system—beloved and well-designed as they are—do not justify the headline-making price tag.

The Pros: 

+ Everything you love about Square's "golden years" are here—super-deformed characters, emotional twists, moogles, airships, tough bosses, crystals, menu-based combat, equipment, accessories, summons, etc.

+ Pretty sprite-based character visuals and animations, great spell effects

+ Good touch controls with a short learning curve

+ We've seen it before, but the job system is pretty great

The Cons: 

- Everything you hate about Square's "golden years" are here—goofy translations, the same old moody characters, random battles, an evil empire, epic but often nonsensical plot, etc.

- Poor pacing with little character development

- A possible lack of value for the price when compared to other good iOS titles Rating : 

You could argue that Square Enix is trying something courageous with Final Fantasy Dimensions (FFD). You could argue that, alongside the veritable firehose of tens of thousands of freemium iOS games, they have brought a complete, high-quality RPG to the platform and that they are paving the way for other triple-A titles to charge the appropriate amount for the experience. You could argue their goal was to take a strong step towards your i-device becoming the gaming system you reach for even when you're at home and capable of playing on a console.

I don't think that was their goal.

Original Hitman Actor David Bateson Returns In Hitman: Absolution

Once perceived as a potentially terrible game that was playing up dudebro tones in order to become more accessible, it seems like Hitman: Absolution is finally making some headway amongst fans.  So far the reception for the sniper challenge mini-game has been good as has been the buzz of recent previews, which thankfully showcase that the game still retains its classic mix of sandbox gameplay and non-linear gameplay.

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