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Sports Champions

Sony Announces More PS Move Goodness With Sports Champions 2

There’s a lot of hubbub about what Sony will unveil at E3 next week to dazzle us and get us excited about owning a PS3 or a PS Vita. Next-gen PlayStation rumors haven’t intensified in the last weeks so it’s unlikely Sony will drop a PS4 bomb to officially steal the show from E3. Instead of next-gen goodness we’re likely to see Sony bring out a celebrity for an uncomfortable segment and an over-extended section dedicated to how “successful” the PlayStation Move has been.

Sports Champions Developer Moving To Next-Gen PlayStation Project

Sony may be looking to have some motion based gaming from the get-go once their successor to the PlayStation 3 arrives.  For months we’ve only heard rumors as to what possible improvements we could see the PlayStation Move receive when Sony launches their next-gen PlayStation but of course no one has a definitive clue as everything is shrouded in shadows or double-talk rumors with no major backing to them.

First crop of Sports Champions DLC is cool, but pricey

So far Sports Champions has been received well by gamers as it wasn’t just a simple collection of motion control shovelware.  But if there was one common issue gamers had with the game, it was that there wasn’t a huge amount of content. It’s definitely fun to play table tennis or bocce, but the game could’ve benefited from a few additional sports or some much needed personality in the character department.

New footage of Sports Champions for the PlayStation Move

At this point Sony’s E3 conference might as well be called “PlayStation Move and Friends” as it’s likely to be a dominant factor at Sony’s conference.  Some weren’t too impressed with the GDC showing of the PlayStation Move but so far the device has continued to gain traction despite its doubters.

[Images] A sampling of Sony's offerings for the PlayStation Move

Today Sony unveiled some of their 1st party games for the PlayStation Move geared towards the casual audience and since they’ve pushed ignition on the hype machine some images of said casual games have been released.  Some of these images may pique your interest while others will probably leave you shaking your head and to be honest I won’t blame you if that happens.

Motion Fighters

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