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Spike VGAs

Shogun Gamer’s Annual Live Coverage of the Spike VGAs

Are you planning on checking out Spike’s annual salute to video games today? If so, then you might be interested in a little live-commentary provided by the guys at Shogun Gamer. As with previous years will be running a live chat, covering the event as it takes place. But this year, we’re also adding a little something new: Video!

Debut Image For BioWare's New IP Is Very Interesting

We're now in that special period in the gaming year in which two major things are happening: several high profile games are being released on a weekly basis and game companies are either teasing or unveiling new projects set to be announced at the Spike Video Game Awards.  We’re still early in the month so reveals have been kept at a minimum until we get closer to the December 10 premier of the event.

First Crop Of Games Premiering At The Spike Video Game Awards 2011 Are Revealed

It’s close to that special time of year in which we get a few surprises that we weren’t expecting at all. No, I’m not talking about receiving a holiday specific present but instead receiving our first look at brand new video games and eagerly anticipated sequels thanks to the Spike Video Game Awards.  A tradition in the video game biz for the last few years, the Spike VGAs can always be assured to give us a few key things: horrible “comedy”, world premier trailers, and an almost unnecessary amount of dudebro content which may or may not include women prancing around in bikinis.

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