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Spicy Horse

Akaniero: Demon Hunters, The Next Game From American McGee, Is Finally Revealed

When it was announced that developer American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse would be focusing on mobile/browser games after the release of Alice: Madness Returns I was beyond bummed out. I know that as a game developer American has his fair share of fans and haters, but his general vision along with that of the Spicy Horse team deserved to be seen on the HD consoles. 

American McGee Finally Tackles The Little Red Riding Hood Tale In Akaneiro Rising

Another classic storybook tale is being reinvented with a slightly modern day twist as developer American McGee is finally bringing his vision of Red Riding Hood to life.  The man most famous for his twisted interpretation of Alice in Wonderland has long hinted at his desire to bring Little Red Riding Hood to life in a darker and perhaps more violent filled video game that would take the famous legend in some new directions.  

Alice: Madness Returns Is Back With A New Dark And Twisted Trailer

American McGee’s Alice game had a reputation for being extremely dark, a bit twisted and wholly mature.  Having such a thing associated with the game wasn’t a bad thing in the case of Alice since the game had a look that was unlike anything at the time (circa 2000).  Since Alice: Madness Returns was shown at TGS last tear we’ve seen a good chunk of the game and its new depiction of Wonderland, which this time is even more twisted and decrepit compared to last time.

Alice: Madness Returns To Feature An Old-School Bonus

This June gamers are going to have the opportunity to play the action-platforming goodness that Alice: Madness Returns offers.   So far what we’ve seen of Alice: Madness Returns looks extremely promising and in a way it’s very much a continuation of what was featured in the original Alice game released way back in 2000.  The thing is, at this point not a lot of gamers who are going to play Alice: Madness Returns played the original Alice game, either because they were two or four years old when the game came out or because they didn’t have a proper PC gaming rig.

New Alice: Madness Returns Screens Show That Beauty Comes In All Forms

Alice: Madness Returns may not necessarily be an entirely new IP but seeing as how this generation has brought nothing but yearly sequels and titles that almost shamelessly rip off popular games, the sequel to the 2000 released PC game American McGee’s Alice might as well be looked at as an IP.

Alice: Madness Returns Gameplay Trailer Is Creepy And Colorful

Out of the various big reveals or surprise announcements that occurred at GDC last week, EA had a nice announcement for the gamers who like platforming games in which the protagonist is a slightly crazed woman who wields a knife.  After surprising us with the fact that the project got the greenlight, EA announced that Alice: Madness Returns will be dropping on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on June 7th.  For being a title that has was only announced a few months ago and is essentially a 1st party effort, it’s a bit surprising that the game is coming out this soon but you won’t hear me c

Latest Alice: Madness Returns Trailer Features More Stabbing And Twisted Images

I guess Alice: The Madness Returns may be ready to emerge from whatever rabbit hole she has fallen into as a new trailer for the surprised sequel has been released.  Last year EA announced that they would be releasing another installment of developer American McGee’s twisted and highly mature vision of the classic and I think that the majority of gamers were somewhat shocked by the announcement.  The shock felt by gamers wasn’t just because of the announcement concerning the Alice sequel but because the teaser trailers for the game were a mix of creepiness and shocking violence wi

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