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Lost Planet 3 Shows A More Dramatic Side In This New Trailer + Release Date Revealed

Capcom’s somewhat unexpected reboot/sequel of the Lost Planet series has emerged once again after a brief absence. Not seen since E3 2012, some had wondered if things had gone terribly wrong with Lost Planet 3 due to the radio silence both by Capcom and Spark Unlimited. Yet here we are once again graced by the new everyman hero of Lost Planet 3 along with news of when the game will arrive.

Lost Planet 3 Walkthrough Video Shows New Enemies And More Action

Capcom may not be doing gamers and Lost Planet fans any favors by not bringing EX Troopers, the Lost Planet spin-off, to the Western markets. It may suck that we won’t be able to control a Vital Suit whilst listening to JPOP, but we still have the opportunity to experience a new type of Lost Planet thanks to the upcoming third entry in the series.

Keiji Inafune's Yaiba Revealed As Ninja Gaiden Spin-Off

The 2012 installment of the Tokyo Game Show has officially kicked off more or less thanks to Sony’s dull if slightly predictable press conference.  In some ways TGS has always been known as a PlayStation centric event, but the show is far from being a complete dud as of now. While announcements will be made and new reveals of existing games will be shown, we do have our first true surprise of the show thanks to Keiji Inafune and the folks over at Tecmo Koei.

Lost Planet 3 Hands-On [E3 2012]

Of the many games out there that could receive the sequel treatment I think the fact that the Lost Planet series was set to continue with Lost Planet 3 surprised a lot of folks.  There’s no denying that the first Lost Planet game was good, but Lost Planet 2 was just kind of there and the lackluster sales almost signified that the interest people had in the series was beginning to decline.  But alas, Capcom opted to continue the Lost Planet series with a third entry and after playing the demo of Lost Planet 3 at E3 I’m kind of happy they did such a thing.

Yet Another Depressing Update On The Status Of Star Wars Battlefront III

The seemingly endless woes related to Star Wars Battlefront III continue and once again we have an update on the project that doesn’t bring us good news.  After receiving some new footage from Battlefront III when Free Radical was working on the project interest was of course renewed in playing vast online battles set within the Star Wars universe.

Lost Planet Returns With A New Game And A New Developer [Updated]

Capcom has done nothing but surprise us this generation in more ways than one.  Not only did the company kick off this generation with a bang through new IPs such as Lost Planet and Dead Rising, but they went on to produce some original titles that weren’t simply variations of the Resident Evil franchise.  That quest for originality, even if it wasn’t a guaranteed success, has resulted in some good and bad moments that at times have sent gamers through a wave of emotions.

More Footage Of Free Radical's Version Of Star Wars Battlefront III Is Released

Just to depress us even more, some additional footage of Free Radical’s version of Star Wars Battlefront III has leaked.  A long gone project at this point due to the closure of Free Radical back in 2008, it’s odd to see more footage of Battlefront III leak but at the same time this may be the closest we’ll get to seeing what a PS3/Xbox 360 Battlefront game would look like seeing as how LucasArts have been dragging their feet on the matter.

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