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Soul Calibur 5

Ezio Is Officially Revealed In Soul Calibur 5 [Video]

For once a rumor we see surface online has turned out to be wholly legit as famed assassin Ezio Auditore will indeed be messing fools up in Soul Calibur 5.  Leaked earlier this week via an image of the SC5 character select screen, Ezio will be the first major guest character for the latest Soul Calibur title and he could end up being the best to ever appear.

A Popular Assassin May Be Joining The Roster Of Soul Calibur 5

So far things are looking good for Soul Calibur 5 based on the small amounts of footage and details we’ve received so far.  Namco and Team Soul may not be drastically reinventing the Soul Calibur formula, but tweaking things a bit and even doing other things like downsizing the average chest size of a female character from a triple-D to a medium C cup hasn’t even left gamers mad.

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