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Sorcery Hands-On [GDC 2012]

The PlayStation Move is in desperate need of a champion piece of software that will help elevate the peripheral past its current state of near gaming purgatory.  Every couple of months a game may appear which has potential to be the much sought after PlayStation Move champion but all have mostly failed or been outright mediocre.  For a long amount of time many thought Sorcery would become the killer app for the PlayStation Move but after the game was finally revealed last December the overall excitement level dwindled due to gameplay that was akin to a magic based shooting game.

The PlayStation Move Action Of Sorcery Is Finally Revealed

When it comes to seeing a project surface again after a dormant period it can either be a good or bad thing. In some cases it can be good to see how a game has evolved and changed over the course of development but sometimes that can lead to immediate disappointment if the current product doesn’t look as good as the initial concept did.  We’re seeing such a thing occur right now with the recent reveal of Metal Gear Rising as gamers are happy to see the game again but it’s a completely different product than what we were promised.

The PlayStation Move Enabled Action Of Sorcery Is Finally Making A Return

Things have been incredibly slow for the PlayStation Move on the 1st party side of things, but that is finally going to change next month.  After being out of action for over a year the 1st party PlayStation Move effort Sorcery will be shown off at a press event being held next month.  First unveiled at Sony’s E3 2010 conference, Sorcery is a 3rd person action game that has players assuming the role of a young wizard as they cast spells using the PlayStation Move and in a rare occurrence or two transform into a mouse to navigate certain areas.

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