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Another not so good update on Spider-Man 4

A few weeks ago a rumor came out that production on Spider-Man 4 was halted due to creative differences between Sony Pictures and director Sam Raimi. Well it looks like those rumors were true and things may be a bit more dire than we thought.

[Rumor] Production on Spider-Man 4 halted

Last week we got our first piece of info on Spider-Man 4 in the form of a casting update for the potential villains. Aside from the rumor that the character of Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat, rumored to be played by Ann Hathaway, would be turned into a new villain called the Vulturess the majority of people were happy to hear that John Malkovich would be possibly portraying the Vulture. Well it seems like everyone was happy about aside from Sony Pictures.

Casting news on Spider-Man 4

Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers aren’t the only Marvel superhero films coming out in the next few years as there’s also a fourth Spider-Man film via Sony Pictures planned for 2011.  While the news that director Sam Raimi would once again be telling Tobey Maguire what to do as Spider-Man isn’t new since it was announced some time ago it almost seemed like everyone forgot we had another tale of New York’s web slinger in production.

A small update on the Uncharted film

Today we have some news on the big screen adaptation of hit PS3 game Uncharted but it may not be the good news some had been hoping for.  Originally screenwriter Kyle Ward was set to bring the world of Uncharted to life but due to his duties of writing Hitman 2 Ward has been pulled from Uncharted.

Paul W.S. Anderson has gone from directing Mortal Kombat to Resident Evil and now he wants a stab at Metal Gear Solid

Director Paul W.S. Anderson has an extremely mixed reaction when it comes to movie watchers and the gaming community.  Say what you will but the man brought the world of Mortal Kombat to life back in 1995 and he gave us what is still probably one of the best video game film adaptations ever despite the few story concessions that were made.  Paul then followed MK up with the sci-fi horror film Event Horizon, which was an inspiration for the game Dead Space, and the old-school action film Soldier.

A villian is found for The Green Hornet

After actor/director and maker of all things awesome Stephen Chow dropped out of Seth Rogan’s "The Green Hornet" a lot of people, or at least the geek community, stopped caring about the project.  Don’t get me wrong, Seth Rogan is a pretty funny dude but for some reason it’s somewhat hard to imagine him donning the green overcoat and fedora to fight crime.

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