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Payday: The Heist Gets Delayed, Would-Be Video Game Robbers Are Sad

Today may be completely ruined for some people since the robbing action of Payday: The Heist has been delayed.  Originally set to drop today to kick off the month of exclusive goodness on the PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment has delayed the game until later this month.  Payday, which won over quite a few members of the Shogun staff at PAX Prime in an unorthodox way, is a four-player FPS game in which you assume the role of a thief in a high-stakes heist.  Basically just imagine the bank robbing scene from the movie Heat but in video game form and that’s what Pay

Payday: The Heist - Hands-On [E3 2011]

Deep inside of us I think there’s a side of us that simply wants to let loose in every possible way.  I wouldn’t say that we have a medieval Viking inside us that wants to go on a quest filled with pillaging, but you need to admit that it’s fun to simply go crazy in a game every now and then.  Games like GTA have showed us that the chaos that’s capable can be fun, especially when it comes in the form of a bank heist mission.  GTAIV may have had some issues with its pacing, plot, characters and mission design, but I think it was universally agreed that the highlight of the gam

Major Downsizing Occurs At SOE, Bad News If You're A Fan Of The Agency

The past year or so has given us some major surprise studio closures and project cancellations, a few of which no one saw coming.  Occasionally it’s to be expected when a game gets pushed back a few times or layoffs are issued at a studio like Electronic Arts, but when a project is canned like True Crime: Hong Kong, a resounding wave of “WTF” is heard amongst the gaming masses.

DC Universe Online [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Although the game has flaws, they are not enough to completely detract from the game. As it is, this game is the best console based MMO to have been made so far. It may be lacking in a few areas, but they are only areas that can be fixed with more development time, which all MMOs are expected to need.

The Pros: 

Great combat system, good voice work, impressive character creation system, and general high quality content.

The Cons: 

Low level cap that is quick and easy to get to, and though the content is good, there is not enough currently to last for too long. Story can also be confusing to those not following DC comics. Rating : 

MMOs have tried before to establish themselves on consoles. This one has succeeded where quite a few have failed before. Rather than trying to port a PC version of the game to the console, the game seems built to be played with a controller. I felt like I could jump right into things with it, instead of needing to learn where things are bound like on a PC. As much as I did enjoy the game, it was not without a few faults. These faults don't take much away from the game though, and the positives do generally outweigh the negatives.

Magic the Gathering: Tactics [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Not much else to say about this game other than it was a letdown. Although it was able to kill a few hours of my time with some mild entertainment, it did a poor job of bringing the elements together to make a good game.

The Pros: 

For players who love Magic the Gathering, but are looking for an alternative other than just playing the card game itself, this is an alternative.

The Cons: 

Glitches that should have never made it out of testing, horrible card balance, a poor tie-in to the strategy, lack of depth behind the card game and a microtransaction system that makes you always feel like you are losing, even when you are winning. Rating : 

I do not think I can express to you how excited I was about this game. I have been an avid Magic the Gathering player for over 15 years. I have gone from being the casual kitchen table spell flinger to driving two hours to try my hand at qualifying for pro-tours. Magic has been an integral part of my gaming history and is founded in my love of strategy games. This of course led to a love of video game genre as well. Not just any strategy games though, but tactics; turn based combat.

SOE gives us an update on The Agency and other MMO news

After going deep under cover i.e. it went dark due to the process that is developing a game, The Agency from Sony Online Entertainment may finally be ready for its latest mission: hitting retail.  In an interview with Eurogamer, SOE President John Smeldey confirmed that The Agency is indeed on track for a 2011 release. When the game will release in the year is anyone’s guess as Smeldey said “We're not giving out a specific date yet because we don't know it.”

DC Universe Online didn't cost that much to make, well at least by today's standards

Releasing a major MMO these days is a big thing. With stiff competition from World of Warcraft and other games that have a strong grasp in niche markets, it’s almost mandatory to lay down the cash in order to build the infrastructure required to become a dominant contender in the MMO arena.  DC Universe Online is the latest MMO to drop and on the day of its release we have some details on just how much money Sony Online Entertainment spent on crafting the epic comic book game.

DC Universe Online gets bumped to 2011 plus news on the beta

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve probably been wondering what the hell was up with the lack of hype for DC Universe Online.  So far all Sony Online Entertainment has done is release a few trailers and a rather bad-ass pre-rendered cutscene. Other than that we’ve gotten absolutely nothing major for the project and the details on a beta seem like they’ve been drifting in the Phantom Zone.  But now you can scratch off DC Universe Online as a 2010 release as SOE have officially announced the game has been delayed.

Fist Bump or Bitch Slap: Sony Online Entertainment or Electronic Arts

This is the love/hate relationship between me and plenty of other people in the world of gaming. Every week I will pick someone who gets my Fist-bump for doing a good deed, someone who gets my undesirable Bitch-Slap for doing something wrong (or just something that pisses me off), and I'll share my experience/opinion along the way.


SOE finally releases the spy MMO The Agency for...

A few years ago Sony Online Entertainment unveiled a new Spy themed MMO called The Agency.  With a focus on action and making players feel like James Bond while still maintaining that MMO feel, there was a nice amount of interest in The Agency.  But I guess The Agency’s license to kill was revoked as we haven’t heard much of anything about it recently. Rumors that the game was cancelled were quickly squashed by SOE but the game still hasn't left its secret lair yet.

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