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Sonic Generations Demo Coming Soon, Like Real Soon

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Sonic and despite such an occasion making certain gamers feel like they’re as old as dinosaurs, Sonic’s b-day is something we should celebrate.  For over two decades a little blue hedgehog has entertained us in multiple ways such as giving us good games to play and games so bad that we all can’t help but to make jokes about it when we aren’t crying.

Teaser Trailer For Sonic's Latest Adventure Combines Both Old and New Sonic

Some I really do hope that we get a Sonic game that from top to bottom is perfect or merely evokes the feelings that were had during Sonic’s heyday without having ever persistent issues.  Sonic Colors was definitely a step in the right direction for the series, but the fact that the game was a Wii exclusive automatically turned some gamers off to the project, which is quite a damn shame considering the game combined elements of old-school and new school Sonic to create a game that was pure fun.

Sega Could Be Giving Gamers A Combo Of Old And New Sonic In Sonic Generations

The Sonic franchise may not have the same level of excitement or longstanding quality as it did back in the day, but most gamers still love Sonic.  Sonic 4: Episode 1 may not have been the return to form that we had hoped it would be, but at least it showed that Sega was making a concerted effort to improve the franchise after missteps like Sonic Unleashed.  Last year we were even greeted to a Sonic game that actually blew a lot of gamers away in the form of Sonic Colors, which is almost criminally underrated due to it being a Wii exclusive.  So what does the future of the So

Sega finally treats Sonic with respect, pulls previous games from shelves

After a few years of unjust abuse, Sega is finally starting to treat the Sonic franchise right again.  Next week the first step of redefining Sonic will begin with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for the PSN and XBLA. Then next month we’re going to get Sonic Colors, a game that to me is going to be THE best Sonic game released in the past decade. Yes, it’s that damn good.

Shogun Gamer News Wrap-Up: Aug. 9 - Aug. 13

This week in August will be remembered for two things: the surprise reveal of BioShock Infinite and the amazing prank Sega America pulled.  After weeks, no rather years of waiting, BioShock developer Irrational Games revealed that they would be following up BioShock with yet more BioShock game. With only a pre-rendered trailer and a few in-game screens being released so far, the hype for BioShock Infinite has already reached near epic proportions in the gaming community.

Sega gives us an update on their hilarious Sonic prank [Video]

A few days ago, we caught wind of a hilarious prank that occurred at the Sega America offices.

Diifii checks out the Summer of Sonic event

Summer of Sonic is an event that takes place each year to celebrate the awesomeness of Sonic The Hedgehog. This year the event has been particularly extravagant thanks to the on floor playable demos of Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors for the Wii and DS. Additionally the amazing rock group Crush 40 was also present to rock the show.

Sega employees pull awesome Sonic related prank

The video game industry is usually a fun one to work in, that is when there aren’t massive lay-offs occurring or talented devs are stuck working on My Little Pony 4.  Of course the friendships established in a video game company, whether it’s amongst developers or support staff can often lead to terrific pranks.  We haven’t gotten wind of the many pranks game devs pull as it would be like breaking the secret bond of a fraternity.

[Rumor] Sonic the Hedgehog 4 could be getting a disc release (dare to dream)

With the next Sonic installment taking the DLC episodic route some Sonic fans out there were a bit surprised that the famous blue hedgehog would be skipping a disc based release. Not being able to pop in the latest Sonic game into our PS3/360 almost seems a bit strange given how it’s an old-school classic video game franchise.

But thanks to fans browsing through the site for Sonic 4 it looks like we could see a disc based release after all since the site lists another release after Episode 4, simply listed as Sonic 4 with a TBA release date and platform.

Sega teases this week's big Sonic announcement with some concept art

I’m all for publishers/developers teasing fans since at times it can be really fun and people like Hideo Kojima have almost made the game tease an art form by some standards.

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