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Solid Snake

Hideo Kojima Once Again Confirms MGS5 + A Solid Snake Update

Hideo Kojima has revealed something that was kind of obvious to begin with but in addition he also dropped a potentially major tidbit that could be awesome for all the wrong reasons.  We know that Kojima is keeping busy doing something as he’s working on the FOX Engine, is overlooking the development of Metal Gear Rising, and is keeping an eye on the recently revealed Enders Project.

PlayStation Heroes Come To Life In Sony's Live Long Play Ad [Video]

Video game ads are always hit and miss since they either try to be too unique in order to captivate people or are simple snippets of game footage condensed into a 20 second clip.  For the most part we’ve gotten some good video game ads this generation that pay respect to the property without dumbing things down too much for the mainstream audience. Even games like Dante’s Inferno have gotten decent ads amidst classics like the ad campaign the Gears of War series has received.

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