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Socom 4

SOCOM Developer Zipper Interactive Is Reportedly Being Laid To Rest i.e. They're Being Closed By Sony

I don’t quite know if we’re going to soon approach one of those weird periods in which companies are being slaughtered left and right similar to what happens in a horror movie, but word has surfaced that none other than Zipper Interactive is being shuttered. The company best known for the SOCOM franchise has been a key part of Sony’s development studios since the SOCOM series launched on the PS2 and that’s why Sony ultimately chose to acquire the company in 2006. But now it seems that Sony has opted to close Zipper and potentially end a few key PlayStation franchises in the process.

SOCOM Developers Announce Unit 13, A New Franchise For PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita may be dropping in Japan in a matter of weeks, but both SCEA and SCEE are finally ramping up the hype machines for the planned February launch of the PlayStation Vita in Western territories.  We already have a handful of games set to appear for the Vita at launch such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048 but now we have a surprise addition to the line-up of the Vita’ launch that may please core gamers.

SOCOM Developer Zipper Interactive Has Some Staff Reductions

I don’t know if this news is something that should make us all worried, but developer Zipper Interactive has issued a series of layoffs in the wake of SOCOM 4’s release.  Aside from the Lead Designer leaving the studio last month, several other section Leads have left, specifically the Lead Programmer, the Audio Lead and the Graphics Lead. In addition to these departures, Zipper has reportedly laid off thirty-three employees.

A New Multiplayer Mode For SOCOM 4 Is Announced Along With Beta Details

Being just over a month away from release, Sony and Zipper Interactive have finally begun to push SOCOM 4 a little bit by revealing a brand new multiplayer mode along with giving us our first details on the upcoming beta, including the much sought after start date.  We’ve already seen what SOCOM 4 has to offer on the multiplayer front as the game is featuring the basic modes (Uplink, Last Defense, Suppression) – all of which are sans vehicles of course since that didn’t go over too well back

Sony Gets Gamers Ready For Duty With SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition

SOCOM 4 is almost within reach as its two months away from finally hitting retail.  With the multiplayer beta expected to launch shortly, Sony has announced a little something for gamers who want the complete PlayStation Move enabled SOCOM 4 experience.  Slated to hit on April 19th is the SOCOM 4: Deployment Edition, which sadly doesn’t include a pair of dog tags, some cammo clothing or a dudebro style bandana.  Instead of some slightly superfluous bonus content, the Deployment Edition is pretty much a bundle of sheer awesomeness for gamers who haven’t jumped aboard the PlayS

Latest PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Video Shows Off SOCOM 4

In just less than two weeks Sony will be launching the Sharp Shooter controller add-on for the PlayStation Move.  The first major Move add-on released by Sony, the Sharp Shooter potentially marks a big change in how we play fps and third-person action games that utilize the PS Move. For the people who don’t pay attention to plastic based console add-ons, the Sharp Shooter is a housing/controller in which the PS Move and a Nav Con can be placed inside, thus allowing the player to hold a small gun while they play games like Killzone 3 or SOCOM 4.

SOCOM 4 Reports For Duty In These New Multiplayer Videos

Sony and Zipper Interactive have stayed true to the covert nature of the SOCOM franchise by staying absolutely silent on the multiplayer aspect of SOCOM 4. I guess it was one of those “need-to-know” situations or perhaps the SOCOM 4 MP info was classified as a special black op of some kind.  But now we’ve been given the clearance to see the multiplayer modes of SOCOM 4 in action and the end result is essentially what we all thought it would be to an extent.

Want to get into the Socom 4 beta? Then get ready to buy Killzone 3

With a reported April release date, anticipation is running high for Socom 4 as it marks the return of the series to developer Zipper Interactive. For the past few months Zipper has been uncharacteristically quiet on the multiplayer front but that’s finally going to change next month when the Socom 4 multiplayer beta launches.

Sony announces release dates for Socom 4 and PlayStation Move Heroes

As earlier reports indicated, Sony has finally revealed when the PlayStation Move centric PlayStation Move Heroes and the next installment of the popular Socom franchise will be released.  After being delayed from its original Holiday 2010 release window, the next installment of Zipper Interactive’s Socom franchise will be ready for duty in April.  Socom 4 could become a huge title amongst PS3 gamers since it’s from a beloved franchise and also because the game supports the PlayStation Move and the recently revealed

Diifii visits the gamers nirvana that is the Eurogamer Expo 2010

The UK gamers have been watching the U.S. have a lot of fun at E3 and their other Game Developers Conferences, however this month for three full days UK gamers get to have a total blast at their own amazing video game show, put together by the Eurogamer website.

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