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SnakeByte Switch Starter Kit [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The Starter Kit from SnakeByte is a great all-in-one solution for protecting your new Nintendo Switch. It includes plenty of accessories to protect your console investment including screen protector, game cases, and a hard travel case to get your unit from point A to point B safely.

The Pros: 

+Everything is of decent quality
+The price point is easy on the wallet
+Package as a whole address all of the major console complaints

The Cons: 

-Earbuds aren't much and serve as little more than a bridge to a proper pair
-Screen protector is tricky to apply correctly, especially without instructions Rating : 

 One of the biggest issues with the Nintendo Switch is how expensive everything is. The console comes with “two” JoyCon which is cool, considering it lets you play multiplayer out of the box, but absolutely everything else is an additional charge and in most cases, it is well beyond the ESP that we would have assumed it’d be on the run-up.

E3 Going 3D With New Technology

Whether you consider 3D to be a fad or not it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. Unfortunately, the cost of getting a 3D TV is too high for the majority of households. The Nintendo 3DS provided a decently priced option for 3D gaming, with the extra bonus of not needed glasses. However, Snakebyte has announced that they will be showcasing their new HDMI cable at E3, which they claim can turn any 2D image into a glasses-free 3D experience.

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