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What I wanted to see at E3 2015

It's no secret that E3 2015 was absolutely fantastic for gamers. The big names had some bombs to drop and the real winners were us the gamers. To say that it's going to be a very expensive Holiday this year is a massive understatement. But there were some things that stood out for me, a few things that I wanted to see at E3 that weren't shown or mentioned.

Skateboarding Games Could Be A Thing Of The Past Based On Recent Sales Figures

In the late 1990s skateboarding blew up as a sport in the mainstream. Thanks to the ever growing popularity of the X-Games, skateboarding found a new audience which later found themselves becoming their own skateboarding legends via video games like the Tony Hawk series from Activision. Many gamers and skateboarders credit the Tony Hawk franchise for further spreading the gospel of skateboarding and it certainly did do a lot for the sport.

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