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SIne Mora

At Long Last Sine Mora Receives A Release Date

Good news for shmup fans as the Digital Reality/Grasshopper Manufacture produced title Sine Mora has finally been given a release date.  After being announced nearly two years ago and then later revealed last year, Sine Mora has gone on to garner some good buzz as of late from shmup fans thanks to the talent behind the game and the unique steampunk style.  Now we’re less than a month away from the story heavy, time centric action of Sine Mora as the game is finally coming out next month.

Sine Mora Is Now An Exclusive For....

We haven’t seen much of the Grasshopper Manufacture/Digital Reality produced shmup Sine Mora since the game went public at PAX Prime, but today we have an update on the project that may upset PS3 fans. Originally slated to appear on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Sine Mora will now be a XBLA exclusive once it comes out early next year.  Yes, it’s time for PS3 fans to enter bitter tears mode.

Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51 Offers Some Hints At To What The Future Holds

Suda 51, the man that has built a reputation for himself as being a game designer that is fearless, has been keeping himself busy to say the least.  While Suda may not directly overlook every aspect of the various games Grasshopper Manufacture has under development, he does keep a close eye on forthcoming games such as Black Knight Sword and Lollipop Chainsaw to ensure that they keep the style and originality that GhM is known for.  It seemed like for the time being Suda’s plate has settled but that couldn’t be farther from the case in a recent interview conducted by

The Shmup Genre Lives On In Sine Mora [Video]

Today is a very good day to be a fan of the shmup genre since gamers have a new title to play later this year which based on the talent involved could become the best shmup released in the past five years.  Announced last year, Sine Mora has resurfaced to get a little hype going for the debut the game will be making at Gamescom in two weeks.  A joint production between Grasshopper Manufacture and the Hungary based Digital Reality Games, Sine Mora appears to be a very old-fashioned shmup which by all accounts I think is what the video game industry desperately needs right now.

Flower, Sun & Podcast Episode 7: Without Delay Edition

After a brief vacation, the Flower, Sun & Podcast is back with more Grasshopper related goodness for us all.  With Community Manager John Davis returning from his excursion to the San Diego Comic Con, the FS&P gang is once again reunited.

Grasshopper Manufacture announces Sine Mora, a new action game

Even though we haven’t heard much from them since the release of No More Heroes 2, developer Grasshopper Manufacture has been keeping busy.  We know Grasshopper has been developing the highly secretive EA horror game and today the studio known for their unique games has announced a brand new production.

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