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Silicon Knights

Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack Teases Of A Popular IP Returning Soon

This could be yet another set-up for major disappointment, but Silicon Knights honcho Denis Dyack is once again making some moderately bold claims about the company. No, Dyack has yet to completely lose his mind as he hasn’t gone on a popular message board to post something that only a 12 year-old troll would do, but he has instead made a tease about a supposedly major project his studio is working on.

For Or Against Time: Politician Questions Government Support Of Silicon Knights


These days if a development studio hits one pothole that can lead to immediate doom, a perfect example being the current problems that Obsidian Entertainment if facing which could see the studio closed by years end.  Sometimes a studio may recover, sometimes it may close, but sometimes it receives backing from its local government. Getting a bit of cold hard cash to make video games must be a cool thing and it’s one of the key reasons Silicon Knights has managed to stay open for the last few years.

X-Men Destiny [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Everything you will experience in X-Men Destiny you have had before, and better.  The repetitive button mashing combat, the basic dialogue choices, the subpar levelling up system all fail to bring anything fresh to the table.  That's not to say that there is no fun to be had in (insert developer hear) title.  If you are indeed an X-Men fan you still might have to dig deep, but the enjoyable moments will happen.

The Pros: 

+X-men characters look great and they use a healthy variety of them.

+Certain moments in the game pay off and you're left feeling happy that you are a nerd.

+Voice acting for all the main characters feels proper.

The Cons: 

-None of the elements of gameplay feel polished.

-Way too much unused potential for this universe.

-Levels are very linear with a ton of invisible walls.

-None of your choices in the game really feel like they have an affect. Rating : 

Some of my fondest memories as a kid were waking up on Saturday mornings, getting a bowl of the cereal that had the most sugar in it, and sitting a foot away from the TV and watching the 1990's X-Men cartoons.  So you should understand the excitement I originally felt over a year ago when an X-Men action/RPG was announced for current Gen consoles.  You might also, upon further reading, understand my disappointments with how it simply falls short...on almost every occasion.

Silicon Knights Gets More Money From The Government + Other News

There are a lot of indie developers out there that sadly don’t receive all the funds they need.  Sometimes an indie dev may get lucky and be picked up to join a program that Sony or Microsoft funds, but for the most part it’s a crap shoot as to whether a small firm or even an established one will get funding from a key source such as the government.

X-Men: Destiny - Preview [E3 2011]

Amidst my many adventures during E3 (who am I kidding, I just walked around playing stuff and talked to people for three days), I saw a few games I totally didn’t expect to be at the show or made appointments for.  One such unexpected occurrence at E3 came to me via my appointment with Activision.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from my Activision encounter at E3 but since I could choose what I wanted to see I opted to go with Modern Warfare 3 (more on that later) and Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

The Too Human Franchise May Continue. For or Against Time Part 2.

I never thought I would find myself writing about this, but apparently we could see the Too Human franchise continue based on recent comments made by Silicon Knights Founder/CEO Denis Dyack.  Too Human is mostly known for being one of the more interesting games to be released this generation for several key reasons, the biggest of which being that it wasn’t that great of a game.  We’re all used to seeing less than stellar games released, but after multiple years in development and lots of hyping at the hands of Denis Dyack himself, Too Human came and went and was quickly forgotten

A New Hero Is Unveiled For X-Men: Destiny

I’ve always enjoyed comics books ever since I was a young lad, despite having no clue what the hell was being said since the comprehension skills of a four-year aren’t the best.  But since my early exposure to comic books I’ve always enjoyed the worlds that and characters that are present in the world of comics, particularly the X-Men.

First proper screens for X-Men: Destiny revealed and it may be time to weep

This year ought to be interesting for the fans of the X-Men not only because we have the quasi reboot film X-Men: First Class coming out this Summer, but because we have Activision’s X-Men: Destiny hitting the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.  Coming to us from the somewhat exiled Silicon Knights (developing Too Human and Denis Dyack acting like an ass on NeoGAF didn’t do them any favors), but they have a chance at redeeming themselves with X-Men: Destiny.

X-Men Destiny teaser trailer is released and the developer is....

A few hours ago we received the announcement of Activision’s new X-Men game – X-Men: Destiny.  Aside from a few vague gameplay teases, actual details on the game were about as visible as Sue Storm. But like any well oiled PR machine, the first trailer has been released and to be honest we still don’t know a lot about the game.

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