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Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima Makes Some Interesting Comments About Silent Hill And The FOX Engine

Putting a lot of stock into Twitter talk is never a good thing, especially when it comes from the master troll that is Hideo Kojima.  A few exciting tidbits may be dropped here and there on Twitter or even from the likes of the legendary Kojima, but most of the time it’s just pointless chatter.  Today we have something that doesn’t exactly fit in the pointless chatter department but at the same time isn’t an official thing by any stretch. More importantly said Twitter chatter involved two things I don’t think we would’ve ever put together: Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Revelation Debut Trailer Looks Equal Parts Scary and Good

The curse that has been bestowed upon video games that were adapted into films could soon be lifted through the horror filled journey of the Silent Hill universe.  Out of the half-dozen films that have been made based on video games, the film adaptation of Silent Hill proved to be decent if not above average compared to the garbage we’ve gotten before. Far from being perfect, the Silent Hill movie got the look of the video games down and it wasn’t too cheesy, even if some of the dialog was a bit ham-fisted.

Konami Possibly Looking Into Developing a Multiplayer Centric Silent Hill Chapter

The balance in terms of pleasing fans of the Silent Hill video game series has been a difficult one. Some would say that Konami has slightly betrayed the trust of gamers as the recent iterations of the Silent Hill games haven’t exactly been quite up to snuff, which as a whole is slightly attributed to how Konami purposely took the Silent Hill dev duties away from the core Japanese team in an effort to bring a fresh take to the series.

Silent Hill: Revelations Gets Some Familiar Faces

Silent Hill: Revelations may only have started production last week, but we already have our latest update on the cast which will likely please those who enjoyed the first SH film.  Returning to the world of Silent Hill once more is Radha Mitchell, who will be reprising her role of Rose Da Silva.  For those who didn’t see the first Silent Hill film, and I wouldn’t blame you based on the stigma movies based on games have, Rose accidently ended up in the town of Silent Hill with her daughter and then lots and lots of bad stuf

Filming On Silent Hill: Revelations Has Commenced And The Leading Lady Is...

I don’t know whether the fact that I completely forgot about Silent Hill: Revelations is indicative of me just being busy as hell or the gamer side of me just brushing it aside as another potentially ho-hum video game movie.  Despite the initial legal hurdles that the second installment of the Silent Hill film franchise faced (the screenwriter of SH1 is in jail), the film nonetheless moved on with Lionsgate distributing the film in place of Sony and Director Michael J.

Silent Hill: Downpour Producer Reveals A Few New Things About The Game

Last month Konami decided to re-announce the already announced next entry in the Silent Hill franchise by sharing a few more details and screens along with unveiling the official name, Silent Hill: Downpour.  Beloved by a wide amount of gamers, the reaction to Silent Hill: Downpour has been a bit hit and mixed; some have loved what they’ve seen while others are highly skeptical of whether or not developer Vatra Games has what it takes to do the Silent Hill franchise justic

Scary is a new kind of rollercoaster.

I have recently had the privilege of meeting and chatting with Seth Marinello from Visceral Games. Having recently finished the development of Dead Space 2, he shared with all of us at this year’s Game Design Expo his views on the “horror genre”. This is my version.

Silent Hill: Reborn premier trailer

One of the most cherished horror games in the world of gaming has been Konami’s Silent Hill series. Even when Silent Hill premiered on the PS1 11 years ago the game struck a chord with gamers thanks to its nail biting gameplay and unique premise.  Then in the PS2 era the Silent Hill franchise reached its classic status thanks to Silent Hill 2 & 3, two games which to this day are considered some of the best horror games ever made.

The Silent Hill movie is getting a sequel

While most films based on video games are usually trash one of the few that wasn't a complete mess was Silent Hill.  Combining different story elements with art design faithful to the games made the film pretty solid despite a few story issues such as a subplot that felt a bit shoehorned in and an ending that seemed a bit rushed and really damn depressing.  The Silent Hill film performed reasonably at the box office and I guess it did well enough for a sequel to be announced.

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