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A Salute to the Fallen

Do you remember the heyday of PC gaming? RPG's, adventure and shooting games were kings of the PC gaming world once upon a time. While certain titles like Diablo and Command and Conquer: Red Alert found their way onto consoles eventually, the hard-core players played them on their computers.

PC gaming seems like an afterthought now, a dinosaur that's taken a step behind modern consoles. Even sadder is the fate of the studios that developed the classic games, which were bought out and absorbed into bigger developers or closed down altogether.

Ode to Blizzard: The Two Decade Storm

When you say the name Blizzard, anyone with two nipples and an asshole gets all puckered in the backside and sharp in the front.. So, where do you even start explaining the un-natural wonder-gods that are the folks at Blizzard?

Kings Quest III Redux

On the heels of Telltale Games' announcement of their planned Kings Quest reboot, AGD Interactive an indie dev who updates old adventure games, announced today their release of Kings Quest III.  Kings Quest III was originally released back in 1986, and for you young whipper-snappers out there who don’t know what King’s Quest is its Sierra’s version of Telltale’s Sam and Max, or their more recent Back to the Future release.  The game followed the adventures

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