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Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles Reveals Their First Dead Space Product

Purveyor of some of the best cool yet expensive statues on the market right now, Sideshow Collectibles has revealed their latest video game based product.  After giving us high-end statues and maquettes of characters such as Kratos, Lara Croft, and Agent 47, Sideshow Collectibles has given us our first high-end product based on the Dead Space franchise.

Rockstar Games Releases The First Major GTA Figure


I may only be a young 25 year-old chap, but I feel incredibly old since Grand Theft Auto III is officially ten years old.  It seemed like yesterday when I was roaming the streets of Liberty City listening to classical music or Lazlow while evading the cops or merely seeing how many pedestrians I could run over on my way to the stunt ramp near the train tracks.  GTAIII was a game that essentially spawned a whole era of games and it’s definitely an all-time classic.

Sony Reveals A Plethora Of New Uncharted Tie-In Products (Awesome News For Toy Collectors)

As if the San Diego Comic couldn’t become an even bigger show for video game news and general goodness, Sony has revealed several major Uncharted related products that will debut at the show this week. Aside from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception being playable on the showfloor and an Uncharted panel with key talent from the game happening on Friday, Sony will be debuting several cool new Uncharted products with an array of partners ranging from collectible manufacturers and comic book companies.

God of War Kratos statue from Sideshow Collectibles [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The barrier for entry may be high to the point where folks could buy a used PS3 and a copy of God of War 3 for a far more reasonable price, but the God of War Kratos statue from Sideshow Collectibles is one superb piece of art and video game memorabilia. Kratos has never looked better and the statue is something that is a must have if you’re a hardcore GOW fan or are a collector of video game related products. Aside from wanting to see Kratos in a more action oriented pose, there’s essentially nothing wrong with the statue aside from the $250-260 price point, which is normal based on the quality that’s being provided.

The Pros: 

The sculpting and attention to detail on the statue is incredible and accurately portrays the look and feel of Kratos. Standing tall at 17” inches, the statue is very imposing in a good way. It may be heavy, but the base and statue itself feels very sturdy and is of the highest quality at the given price point.

The Cons: 

While he’s in an imposing pose, it would’ve been cool if there were a few extra hands like one holding a gorgon head or something equally brutal. Rating : 

Over the years as we’ve seen videos games gain popularity amongst the mainstream we’ve bared witness to the ever growing business model that encompasses major video game franchises.  Sure, the video game is the base of the foundation for a company, but often a series of additional levels are built on top which includes products more accessible to gamers and consumers like t-shirts or in some cases themed beverages.  Some of the video game tie-in products we’ve seen over the last few years have ranged from questionable kitschy fair like PlayStation mints to stuff one would expect l

The Collector's Edition announcements continue with TRON: Evolution

At this point my fandom of TRON has been well documented on the site. I absolutely adore the world of TRON ever since I saw the original film as a young lad and TRON: Legacy is easily my most anticipated film of the year.  With 2010 being the year of TRON amongst the various realms of geekdom, the franchise will of course have a big impact in the world of gaming, which is rather fitting given the context and inspiration of TRON.

God of War statue from Sideshow Collectibles gets a price and release date

After waiting for almost a year the Kratos statue from Sideshow Collectibles has finally been given a price and a release date. Those looking to own the impressive Kratos statue which measures in at 17” inches tall and weighs a hefty 10 pounds can purchase it for only $249.99 and it’ll be yours once it ships in Q4 2010.

Teaser trailer for the God of War statue from Sideshow Collectibles

Earlier this week I once again began to wonder what happened to the Sideshow Collectibles God of War statue. Announced last year, the statue has been MIA with not even a development blog for it on the Sideshow site.  One would’ve thought the statue would be released to coincide with God of War 3 but sadly we weren’t given an epic statue to go along with an epic game.

Hot Toys reveals the Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio figure

When it comes to high-end video game collectibles most of us will purchase anything, especially if it’s for a franchise we love.  Well if you’re a fan of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series then get ready to lay down the big bucks as figure manufacturer Hot Toys has announced a figure based on Ezio from Assassin’s Creed 2.

Laura Croft Gets A Snow Day [Figure]

I think that Laura Croft might have been my first video-game crush. She’s a smokin’ hot babe with smarts and strength. The original Tomb Raider titles were classic games that I’ll always look back on fondly. I really hope that one day we get a return to glory for her. Until that day arrives though, Sideshow Collectibles has been nice enough to bestow us with an amazing new Laura Croft figure.

Sideshow Collectibles gives us ninja overload in this new G.I. Joe diorama

Without a doubt Snake Eyes is the coolest G.I. Joe character ever. So far Sideshow Collectibles has done the character justice with their existing line of 12-inch figures but this new diorama featuring the character will have all G.I. Joe fans frothing at the mouth.

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