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Shuhei Yoshida

New Update On The Last Guardian Is More Of The Same - Not Good News

In case you still care or like to read things that will crush your heart, we have our quarterly update on The Last Guardian.  The long in development game from Team Ico started off strong when it was unveiled at E3 2009 but since then it’s fallen off the radar due to development issues, and was seemingly so troubled that Team Ico head Fumito Ueda announced that he was departing SCEJ yet would stay onboard on a contractual basis to finish the game.

Sony Could Reactivate The SOCOM Franchise

Sony may have closed Zipper Interactive earlier this year, but the now defunct studio’s flagship SOCOM series may live on.  A major franchise for the PS2 generation, SOCOM for some reason failed to capture the PS3 audience and in turn was presumed to be killed in action once Sony shuttered Zipper. Despite gamers and those within the industry assuming the worse, we could see SOCOM return at some point to provide more special op goodness.

Sony Reveals That A Sequel To The Legend of Dragoon Almost Happened

PlayStation fans may need a tissue box as word has arisen concerning a cult PlayStation classic.  Most of us know the big PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, LBP, MLB The Show, and Killzone – all of which are on the PS3.  But back in the era of the PS1 there was one title that stuck out for a lot of people because it was something different for Sony: an original RPG.  Released on the PS1 was The Legend of Dragoon, an RPG that didn’t totally try to copy Final Fantasy but instead presented an RPG world that some gamers fell in love with.

Our Newest Slightly Soul Crushing Update On The Last Guardian

I really want there to be some good news about The Last Guardian but at this point I don’t know when or if we’ll actually receive such a thing. After wowing us at E3 2010, The Last Guardian has gone through several considerable drops, the first of which was being a no-show at key industry events and the most recent being the departure of Team Ico leader and creator Fumito Ueda.  

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