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Shinobi Ninja

Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks iPhone Review

Overall Feeling: 

An innovative band iPhone app that includes a great arcade game and interesting extras.

The Pros: 

Awesome arcade beat-em-up action. Music and Movie unlockables. Download the EP for free once you beat the game. Innovative "Live Show" features.

The Cons: 

3.99 regular price will likely be too pricey for players only interested in the game, which is a little short. 8 Point touch control pad would have been better as a Joystick, similar to Simpsons Arcade. Rating : 

Recently we were asked to review a new iPhone game for the band Shinobi Ninja out of New York City. For those of you who don’t know them (and I’ll be honest I didn’t prior to them emailing me) Shinobi Ninja is an independent rock/rap group which features lead singers DA and Baby Girl, bassist Jonny on the Rocks, drummer Terminator Dave, guitarist Maniac Mike, and DJ Axis Powers. Shinobi Ninja is an interesting fusion of rock, alternative and hip-hop party music.

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