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Klei Entertainment (Shank) Reveals Mark of the Ninja

Right now there’s a not a lot going on in the video game biz with this week being the prelude to GDC. A few notable things have been revealed like Epic showing Unreal Engine 4 to select folks next week but not a lot of noteworthy news items have been revealed or teased. But out of the shadows an unexpected game has surfaced which lives up to its ninja background since no one was expecting it to happen.  Hot off the heels of releasing Shank 2 earlier this month, Klei Entertainment has revealed Mark of the Ninja, a new side-scrolling ninja game for XBLA.

Shank 2 Gets A Rather Unexpected Release Date

Those who favor bloody side-scrolling action game should be happy to hear that Shank 2 will be released next month. The follow-up to the 2010 stylized action romp will be available on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live on February 8th for the low price of $9.99/800 Microsoft Points.  So far we haven’t seen much of Shank 2 since the game was surprisingly announced at an EA event late last year, but in less than a month we’ll find out if Shank has the goods or if it should be given a swift death.

More Stylized Slice and Dice Action Will Be Abound In Shank 2

It’s rare to see an indie game receive a sequel, even when it has the backing of a major publisher, but such a thing is happening with Klei Entertainment’s Shank franchise. Last seen in 2010, EA and Klei have announced that Shank 2 will be hitting consoles early next year and will once again feature a mix of stylish visuals skillful combat.

Shank [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Shank is a game with terrific art design that’s well produced but doesn’t have everything at optimum levels as far the gameplay side of things is concerned. Klei has laid down a good foundation for the side-scrolling action of Shank, but things don’t feel as entirely fleshed out as they could be and ultimately the last few stages get really repetitive. Despite the gameplay issues, Shank still feels like a fresh experience in the side-scrolling genre and should be checked out by those looking for an entertaining brawler.

The Pros: 

The comic book/cartoon inspired art design is amazing, both in the cutscenes and the in-game visuals. Shank has a nice arsenal of weapons at his disposal which are all fun to use. Even though it’s short, the co-op mode is fun. Fun boss battles all of which surpass the standard run and gun mechanics.

The Cons: 

Combat doesn’t feel as deep as it could be. The slight button input delay can be slightly annoying at times. The game gets really repetitive towards the end with only a few standout sections. Unless you look online, the game doesn’t tell you what the criteria are for unlocking the bonus costumes. Rating : 

Most games these days often rely on style over substance. Of course such a thing is to be expected at times since video games are often meant to be showpieces of amazing graphics and awe-inspiring art design.  That’s not to say every video game follows the Michael Bay mantra of “blow sh!t up, have cool camera angles and everything else is just fluff” but that’s most often the case these days.  Klei Entertainment’s side-scrolling brawler Shank is a game that’s high on the style and originality department.

PlayStation Network Store Updates: 8/24/10 [NA]

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of 8/24/10:

Shank Interview with Jamie Cheng, founder and CEO of Klei Entertainment

In this day and age it’s rare that we see 2D side-scrolling action games pop up. Sadly the genre that was once so popular in video games has become a niche of sorts on consoles or the go-to genre for web based games.  But the genre is slowly making a comeback with Klei Entertainment’s action filled game Shank at the forefront.

Xbox Live Marketplace Updates: Aug 18 - 31

Xbox Live Marketplace updates for the remainder of the month of August:

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

  • August 25: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, 800 Microsoft Points
  • August 25: Shank, 1200 Microsoft Points

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Week of August 23:

Stab dudes with a buddy via the co-op mode of Shank [Video/Screens]

Shank, the new side-scrolling action game from Klei Entertainment finally seems to be getting the attention it deserves.  After getting accolades galore at E3, Shank is finally catching on amongst gamers due to its unique art style and deliciously fun violence, which unsurprisingly is my favorite part of the game.

Experience the stylish action of Shank next month

Earlier this year at PAX West I was able to check out a really cool game called Shank.  With a name like Shank one would expect brutal over-the-top violence and thankfully the game delivered that plus more.  Even though Shank is just a 2D side-scroller, the game packs an incredible amount of action and thankfully everyone will be able to experience it next month.

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