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Serellan LLC

Tactical FPS Takedown Gains Publisher and Console Release

The Kickstarter funded FPS game Takedown has now officially found a home.  After making its funding goal in a brilliant last minute hurrah, the development team at Serellan LLC continued their work on the project but now they have the backing of a rather substantial publishing partner.

First Screens Of The Kickstarter Funded Tactical FPS Takedown

2012 started off with a surprising bang in a sense due to the arrival of Kickstarter.  The crowd funding service may have been around for a while and even funded a few cool indie projects prior to 2012, but earlier this year was when Kickstarter arrived in a bigger fashion thanks to the campaign Double Fine launched. Since then we’ve seen a few indie companies try to fund their projects via Kickstarter, some with major success while others hit a wall and sadly don’t receive their funding.

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