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Sega Japan

Sega Releases Teaser Images For Project Omega

Sega may have announced their new direction as a company which focuses on a select few franchises (Aliens, Sonic), but that isn’t stopping the company from creating new IPs.

Sega Shifts Company Focus, Plans New Software Strategy

Sometimes when a rumor actually pans out it’s a cool occasion since it heralds a new game announcement or simply a cool development that pleases a part of the gaming community. But every once in a while we see a rumor become reality that we never actually wanted to happen since it’s nothing but bad news all around. As rumored earlier this year, Sega has announced a slight restructuring plan that could see the company eventually go the THQ route by focusing on smaller projects.

Yakuza's Zombified Entry Is Hitting The Shores of Europe and North America

Sega is continuing to champion the Yakuza franchise in the West as the fifth entry in the series, Yakuza: Of the End, will be released in North America and Europe next March.  Now under the name Yakuza: Dead Souls, the latest entry in the long running gangster series will see notable characters from the game taking on zombified gangsters and other beasts that have been unleashed on the fictional streets of Kamurocho.  

Could We See More Virtua Fighter Action In The Future? [Rumor]

Yesterday we received a goldmine of potential Sega TGS reveals and today we have something concerning everyone’s favorite Sega fighting franchise.

The Story Of Binary Domain Is Front And Center In This New Trailer

Binary Domain is one of the few games we’ve seen which had a slightly horrible debut trailer but has since gone on to accumulate a lot of excitement from gamers.  There may not be an immediate surplus of hype for Binary Domain compared to Modern Warfare 3 or other new IP’s such as Rage, but I think that may change over the next few months.  Out of the games I played at E3 last month, of which there were a ton, Binary Domain was one of the few highlights of the event for me since blowing up robots and taking

Binary Domain - Hands-On [E3 2011]

There’s a common belief amongst Western gamers that for some inexplicable reason Japanese developers just can’t create a good 3rd person shooting experience.  Outside of Resident Evil 4 and Vanquish (both of which were Directed by Shinji Mikami) the amount of successful Japanese action games is incredibly low.  It’s not as if developers haven’t tried in the past to create a fun action experience but there’s always just an element missing from the equation that results in an experience that’s either bland or absolutely dreadful.

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