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Secrets of the Mysterious Island

[Review] Jules Verne's Secrets of the Mysterious Island iPhone

Overall Feeling: 

A fantastic game for your iPhone. Great visuals and an innovative control syem on 3GS phones makes this a must try. If you likes Myst you will definitely want to check this out.

The Pros: 

Lush island environment. Great story with fantastic stylish visuals. Challenging puzzles. Innovative compass/GPS control system. A monkey.

The Cons: 

Large install file size (704 Mb). While voice acting is nice, it's rather weak. Music leaves something to be desired. Rating : 

After a mishap that caused the death of my iPhone 3G I went without a smart phone for about a month while I waited a 3Gs to replace the previous model. Since getting it back I’ve made a point to make sure to spend more time with my iPhone seeing as our time apart lead me to be thankful for the various and wondrous features that the phone has to offer.

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