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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Sea of Thieves is as much fun as the friends you're playing with. With a solid group of like-minded people you can share some of the most story-worthy experiences of the year, however the actual content of the game feels lacking and if you're in a group or two or flying solo you may experience some serious lack of content.

The Pros: 

+Beautiful art style and accompanying graphics
+Unique 'playground' style gameplay with a nautical theme
+Simple mechanics that pretty much anyone can pick-up quickly
+Surprising amount of attention to small details (like catching your own vomit in a bailing bucket)

The Cons: 

-VERY repetitive core gameplay
-Lack of content
-No real reason to buy the game, thanks to Game Pass Rating : 

Generally speaking, the idea of a "playground game," which would be how I define a multiplayer sandbox that focuses on the players themselves making the most interesting gameplay, is a genre I haven't had much interest in. Sea of Thieves is fairly light on content, which means it is definitely a game that lives or dies based on the friends that you're playing with.

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