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Next Resident Evil Movie Given Release Date

The sixth, and presumably last, Resident Evil movie has now been given a release date. While an official announcement has yet to be made with the typical vague PR details meant to hype things up, ShockTilYouDrop is reporting that Sony Pictures has given Resident Evil 6 a September 12, 2014 release date.

New Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer Is Silly In All The Right Ways

At long last we have the trailer for a film that I know everyone has been waiting for deep inside their hearts – Resident Evil: Retribution. Ok, maybe every doesn’t like to stare at Milla Jovovich as she battles zombies and monsters in slow-motion, but for those who enjoy such a thing then the premier trailer for Retribution will deliver that in spades along with a host of other bonus goodies that deliver +20 on the cheese factor scale.

Resident Evil: Retribution Premier Trailer Is Ridiculous Beyond Belief

The time has finally come for our first look at Resident Evil: Retribution and as expected the film hasn’t disappointed us, or at least it hasn’t disappointed us by providing ludicrous material and action scenarios.  

Plot Synopsis Finally Released For Resident Evil: Retribution and It's Somewhat Vague

With principal photography on Resident Evil: Retribution wrapping just before Christmas we haven’t received too many updates about the film either in an official or unofficial capacity. After spilling the beans for months via Twitter, RE leading lady Milla Jovovich has gone dark when it comes to the fifth Resident Evil film which has left fans of the series, yes those do exist, yearning for more.  

Newest Resident Evil: Retribution Set Pic Shows Milla Jovovich In An Interesting Costume

So far we’ve gotten a decent amount of details concerning Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth live-action Resident Evil movie that you may either be hyped for or utterly detest.  The Resident Evil film series hasn’t exactly been top tier stuff in the world of cinema nor has it exactly provided an accurate or entirely faithful adaptation of the Resident Evil games. But despite whatever major discrepancies there may be between the Resident Evil films and the video games, I still find myself fond of the RE films.

First Image Of Leon From Resident Evil: Retribution

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really excited for the fifth Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Retribution.  Everyone knows I can be a harsh critic sometimes but the last RE flick, Resident Evil: Afterlife, was just the perfect mix of action silliness, 3D gimmicks, and RE goodness to keep me entertained for two hours without any major gripes. In a way the stakes are higher for RE: Retribution since it has so much to live up to but with characters like Leon S. Kennedy and Barry “red beard for life” Burton joining the fray I’m sure we’re going to get something mildly entertaining.

Ada Wong Has Finally Been Cast In Resident Evil: Retribution

With principle photography kicking off this week on Resident Evil: Retribution, the cast for the film has officially been locked down. Previously we received confirmation that actor Johann Urb would be portraying Leon S. Kennedy and well-known character actor Kevin Durand would be playing fan-favorite Barry Burton.  The only remaining role was that of the mysterious double-crosser/sometimes ally Ada Wong.

More Casting Details On Resident Evil: Retribution (Possible Casting For Leon and Barry)

With the start of principal photography on Resident Evil: Retribution about to commence, some additional casting details have been revealed which once again are a bit dumbfounding.  It was already revealed that actress Michelle Rodriguez will be reprising her role as deceased Umbrella Soldier Rain Ocampo but now Deadline New York is reporting that actor

A Familiar Face Joins The Cast Of Resident Evil: Retribution

Last weekend we received a ton of info concerning Resident Evil: Retribution via series star Milla Jovovich.  Full cast and plot updates weren’t dispensed, but Milla did reveal quite a bit such as one of the plot details and that Sienna Guillory would indeed be returning as Jill Valentine.   Given how silent things have been concerning the new Resident Evil flick, it was nice to get some details on it even if it was confirmed neither Ray Stevenson nor Jensen Ackles

Tons of New Info On Resident Evil: Retribution (Cast Updates, Plot Details)

This weekend gamers were eagerly anticipating some early info or a mere teaser announcement for Resident Evil 6.  With the Tokyo Game Show happening and Capcom holding a special presentation at the event for the 15th anniversary of the franchise, it seemed sensible that we would receive a teaser for the latest core Resident Evil game.  Even leading up to TGS there were some teasers thrown around that pointed to a reveal of RE6 but alas the 15th anniversary presentation came and went and we got nothing.

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