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Scott Pilgrim

Telltale Games Wanted To Do A Scott Pilgrim Game But...

Video game developer Telltale Games has kept themselves rather busy as of late tackling high profile projects like Back to the Future: The Game, Jurassic Park: The Game and most recently the announcement of their game adaptation of the comic book/TV show The Walking Dead.  But amongst Telltale’s stable of games based on licensed properties, the co

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World PSN Timed Exclusive

A little while ago it was announced that there would be a Scott Pilgrim game available for download to coincide with the upcoming feature film. Until today though there hasn’t been much in the way about the actual game-play of the game, just a few select shots of it to give us a taste for the art.

Scott Pilgrim vs The Teaser Trailer

As you may have guessed from my most recent S#!t You Want entry, I’m a fan of the Scott Pilgrim series. It’s probably one of the best original graphic novels to have come out in years. It’s a blend of romance and video games unparalleled in even today’s age. That’s why when I say you need to check out the teaser trailer that just dropped; I hope to hell that you all do!

A small peek at the Scott Pilgrim film

Iron Man 2 isn’t the only highly anticipated comic book film this year as comic enthusiasts, and a small amount of the hipster community, are looking forward to the film adaptation of the comic Scott Pilgrim.  Starring Michael Cera in the title role and featuring an ensemble cast that includes Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Chris Evans (Push), and Jason Schwartzman (Funny People) the film looks to bring creator Bryan Lee O’Malley’s vibrant anime-esque world to life in a 1:1 match.

Scott Pilgrim gets the game treatment

By now we’re all used to seeing popular comics getting the movie and game treatment and it’s not that often that an indie comic or graphic novel receives a big screen adaptation and a game to accompany it. The popular indie comic book Scott Pilgrim is not only getting a film adaptation starring Michael Cera in the lead role but it was just announced at the San Diego Comic Con that Ubisoft will be releasing a side-scrolling action game to accompany the film.

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