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Puppeteer - Rehearsal Edition Demo Hands-On

As some of you may have gleamed ever so attentively, the Shogun Gamer crew wasn’t able to make it out to E3 this year. For reasons that were somewhat bitterly mentioned on the Twitter account of yours truly, this was the first major E3 that Shogun Gamer didn’t attend and in turn we were bummed out to say the least. 

Gran Turismo 6 May Not Appear On PlayStation 4 [Rumor]

Something could be amiss in the world of Gran Turismo which may not please the many members of the racing elite.  After the stumbling that Gran Turismo 5 went through in part to a shoddy online infrastructure and gamers being less than happy about certain elements, the next installment in Polyphony Digital’s ode to racing may arrive without the next-gen sheen that we all expected it would.

New Puppeteer Trailer Features Some Halloween Spirit

There aren’t too many games out currently in which we can play to fully soak up the Halloween spirit, save for the new Sleeping Dogs DLC, but Sony has put together a new trailer which properly evokes the festive day via their forthcoming title Puppeteer.

Open Me Tasks Vita Owners To Open Up Boxes

So far the Tokyo Game Show hasn’t delivered a slew of new triple-A PS3 games nor has it heralded the return of games such as The Last Guardian, but it has provided us with a new game for the PlayStation Vita.  Sony still seems to be downplaying, if not ignoring the Vita, during key press events despite software being available - some of which is entirely new and previously unannounced.

More Possible Doom & Gloom: Another Team Ico/SCEJ Staffer Departs

We may have received a slightly reassuring update concerning The Last Guardian nearly two weeks ago, but today the long in development project has received another setback of sorts. After Team Ico frontman Fumito Ueda announced that he would be leaving SCEJ and simply complete his work on The Last Guardian in a contractual basis, yet another Team Ico staffer is departing Sony.

New Update On The Last Guardian Is More Of The Same - Not Good News

In case you still care or like to read things that will crush your heart, we have our quarterly update on The Last Guardian.  The long in development game from Team Ico started off strong when it was unveiled at E3 2009 but since then it’s fallen off the radar due to development issues, and was seemingly so troubled that Team Ico head Fumito Ueda announced that he was departing SCEJ yet would stay onboard on a contractual basis to finish the game.

Film Version Of Shadow Of The Colossus Still Alive, Director Chosen

Sony seems to be pushing for more of their video game properties to go the cinematic route as Sony Pictures division is currently attempting to bring both Uncharted and Twisted Metal to the big screen.  The common belief is that most movies based on games tend to be varying degrees of garbage, but what will happen when a talented young director is assigned to take on a video game that’s loved for its uniqueness and complete lack of dialogue and obvious story exposition?

Behold Soul Sacrifice, The New Game From Keiji Inafune For The PlayStation Vita

The man who left Capcom and went on to drop some truth bombs is back with a project that could resurrect interest in the PlayStation Vita. I’m of course referring to Keiji Inafune, who since leaving Capcom in 2010 has stayed low while he continued to critique the Japanese development community and doing some small projects via Intercept and Comcept - his new studios.

Sony Reveals That A Sequel To The Legend of Dragoon Almost Happened

PlayStation fans may need a tissue box as word has arisen concerning a cult PlayStation classic.  Most of us know the big PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, LBP, MLB The Show, and Killzone – all of which are on the PS3.  But back in the era of the PS1 there was one title that stuck out for a lot of people because it was something different for Sony: an original RPG.  Released on the PS1 was The Legend of Dragoon, an RPG that didn’t totally try to copy Final Fantasy but instead presented an RPG world that some gamers fell in love with.

Sony Computer Entertainment Finally Restructures Japanese Branch, The Last Guardian Still M.I.A.

For the past few years Sony Computer Entertainment has made some nice moves as a company by acquiring talent like Sucker Punch (Infamous) in addition to pushing 1st party games in new and interesting directions.  Back in the day this push for innovative 1st party games rang true as well, but this generation the shift went from Japan as being the primary source to Western developers being responsible for the more imaginative games Sony released.

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