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Games with Gold Deals March 24th 2015

If you're a wrestling fan, this is your week for Games with Gold. There's a bunch of WWE stuff on sale this week via Games with Gold, but there's also a little something for those who have been looking for an excuse to pick-up Evolve. Both the standard edition and the "Digital Deluxe" version of the 4v1 hunting... simulator(?) are on sale for 20% off!

The full details on the deals that Microsoft/Xbox are offering (both platforms) are detailed for you below!


Xbox One Master Chief Collection Bundle for $349

Well, it was bound to happen... If there's one thing that has a history of moving Microsoft's consoles it's Halo. There was obviously going to be some tie-in with the Master Chief collection and the Xbox One console itself. So here we go: Master Chief Edition Xbox One console and game.

Xbox Live Gold Membership Discounted $20

Ever since the original Xbox, Microsoft changed the online space by making it a paid service. While Sony fought, for years, to maintain a free online service for their gamers, the model eventually was adopted by them as well.

Gamers today now have to pay, regardless of platform (unless we're counting the Wii U), to play their video games online.

Humble Indie Bundle 3, The Best Gaming Deal EVAR

Shogun Gamer’s always been a fan of indie efforts. We’ve done what we can to promote projects that started out small, and wound up big (read: TOROcast and Pokémon Apokélypse). That love of the indie world, the fight for the small guy, etc. and that extends to our love for indie gaming… Which is why I’m kind of surprised (and appalled) that I haven’t mentioned to our readers before about the Humble Indie Bundle. 

Batman Arkham Asylum Selling for $7 on Future Shop and Best Buy sites!

Earlier tonight I received word that the and websites were selling the new Batman title (Arkham Asylum) for the rediculously low cost of only $7.67. Of course any deal too good to be true generally is.

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