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Crytek's Kinect Brawler Ryse Is Still Alive For Now


Games come and go either because they get cancelled or they get released only to earn fame or in some cases earn a decent amount of scorn and hatred.  The video game business is an interesting one as there are also games which we forget about simply because they disappear and we’re too busy to notice.  With half a dozen games announced every couple of months and people being preoccupied playing new releases, it’s not too uncommon for known games to be forgotten about since they only show up once a year.  

[RUMOR] Crytek Bumps The Kinect Action Title Ryse To Next-Gen Xbox

The plot is thickening when it comes to the next-generation Xbox.  We’ve already been hit with a few rumors pointing to potential tech specs for Microsoft's next-gen console and how it could possibly be unveiled at CES next month.  It’s almost tradition in the video game industry for somewhat believable, somewhat full of crap rumors to surface about next-gen hardware and in a way it’s something gamers look forward to.

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