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Microsoft Possibily Set To Resurrect TV Show Heroes For Xbox TV Programming

Microsoft’s desire to turn the next-gen Xbox into a go-to entertainment hub may have been underestimated by gamers and those in the games industry. For years it hasn’t been a secret that Microsoft wants to push the Xbox brand as a viable entertainment hub whether it be through apps or key software, but now a tidbit has surfaced that the company could be following in the steps of what Netflix has recently done.

Rumors Surface For Batman: Arkham Origins (Grain of Salt Time)

Holy contradictory news Batman!  Some interesting details have arisen concerning the future of the Batman: Arkham video game franchise that could be legit or simply a case of wires being crossed. 

Activision Interested In TNA Wrestling Game [Rumor]

The WWE may finally have some competition when it comes to the world of video games. While the WWE recently wrapped up a contract which will see all future games representing the brand published by Take Two Interactive, one of the last competitors in the wrestling world may be gearing up for a video game comeback.

Script Excerpts Reveal Elements Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 [Rumor]

We all knew that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series would continue since the closure of the central storyline in MW3, the departure of the creators from Infinity Ward, and the subsequent reshuffling IW received isn’t enough to stop the Modern Warfare machine in the eyes of Activision. 

Based on the end of Modern Warfare 3 there was the notion that the series may be poised for a quasi-reboot, think DmC, but details have surfaced which differ to that as Modern Warfare 4 could be a direct sequel.

Publishers Reportedly Already Eyeing THQ Properties [Rumor]

The last week or so hasn’t been all too kind to THQ since it seems like the company is perpetually stuck in a brutal 9th round fight against an opponent that is unrelenting. After announcing that several core titles would receive slight release bumps that would see them released in mid 2013, the stock of THQ plummeted drastically and in turn chatter has arisen that talks are already underway with several other publishers to acquire existing properties such as the beloved Saint Row series.

Take Two's XCOM Reboot May Be Going In Another Direction [Rumor]

It can be fun to see a game evolve over time but such a thing can also show how troubled and unfocused development may be as well.  Over the last few years we've seen and heard of some true horror stories such as the legendary Duke Nukem Forever debacle and I Am Alive, but those could be trumped by the oft delayed and seemingly ever changing XCOM shooter being prepped by 2K Games.

Hopeful Wishing Time: Microsoft Reportedly Renews Killer Instinct Trademarks

A true megaton could be upon us based on the latest trademark registration Microsoft has made. Either that or we’re in for a true disappointment of such epic proportions that gamers could enter such a zone of jadedness that their souls are forever imprisoned within the Phantom Zone.  The Microsoft acquisition of Rare has proven to be a bust based on what has transpired in the last five years, but one of the flagship properties of the company may return: Killer Instinct.

Is This Our First Look At The Prince of Persia Reboot? [Rumor]

Just when I thought this weekend would be a complete bore a supposed screenshot for what could be Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia reboot has surfaced.  We haven’t seen much of the Prince of Persia franchise since the infamous 2010 incident in which we received the double-whammy of the mediocre PoP film starring the dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal and the obvious cash-in PoP video game Ubisoft opted to release.  

Will LittleBigPlanet Go The MMO Route? [Rumor]

Media Molecule may be taking a break from releasing games for a while as the studio is currently hard at work on something – the likes of which the general public knows absolutely nothing about.  Instead of cranking out annual LittleBigPlanet games Media Molecule and company owner Sony have decided to take a breather from the franchise on the PS3 while spin-offs (LBP Karting) and ports (LBP Vita) take center stage.

THQ San Diego Working On Unannounced IP, Possible Fighting Game [Rumor]

It may seem futile at this point considering the shape the company is in, but THQ is still trucking along as best it can by producing new titles.  The future software slate of the company is still unknown at this time, at least prior to potential E3 reveals, but it appears that THQ still has some of its internal studios producing new titles including wholly new IPs.  We already know that the newly established THQ Montreal is working on an IP but THQ’s San Diego division may have something in the works based on a recently discovered tidbit.

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