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Acquire Reveals The Persona Clone That Is Mind 0 [Update]

2013 may be a better year for the PlayStation Vita since yet another game for the platform has been revealed.  After teasing us last week with a site that led people to believe The Last Guy was set to return (which was a dumb thing to think), Acquire has revealed the new action-dungeon crawler Mind 0.

New Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Videos Showcase The Gameplay and Cutscenes

When it comes to pure Japanese RPG games that are worth playing this generation the offerings are somewhat slim compared to the heyday of the PS1 & PS2 generation. That’s not to say there aren’t good RPGs out there, but developers like Square Enix haven’t exactly been on mark as much as they could’ve and to an extent have stumbled in giving their fans what they desire.  However, there is something on the horizon which could give the RPG genre a much needed boost in the form of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The Witcher 2: Assassins of kings holds nothing back.  As you battle spirits, monsters, and everything else you can think of in a fantasy setting, you will find yourself feeling rather accomplished.  As the game takes its dark and mature twists and turns you will find yourself along with the ride of an excellently crafted action/RPG.  The guys of CD Project Red have created a shining gem with their brand new engine. Without any major gameplay problems except for some clunky inventory management, you will find yourself getting lost in this world of fantasy beauty. With a brand new combat system that you will find as fast paced as the depth of it, you can’t help but feeling rewarded at what they have put up to offer you. And you should in one of the best looking RPGS of today.

The Pros: 

+Brand new engine produces one of the best looking games out

+A fast pace, in depth combat system that remains fresh all the way throughout

+A mature and dark story that holds nothing back

+Just the right amount of side quests to keep you busy with the world

+They make a healthy use of their mature rating

The Cons: 

-The lack of tutorials can sometimes feel like they have thrown you to the fire

-Voice acting not always up to par

-Inventory system can be a little clunky

-If you did not play the first you might be feeling a little out of the loop Rating : 

I know what you’re thinking: “Who the hell is developer CD Project Red and what have they ever done?” Well back in 2007 they made a little ‘hidden gem’ of a game for the PC called The Witcher, based upon Andrzej Sapkowski’s (don’t worry I am not sure how to pronounce his name either) book series of the same name. Now I don’t know if you can call selling over one million units a ‘hidden gem’, but in today’s console craving culture it seems like a lot of PC exclusive games don’t get the credit they perhaps deserve, especially in the case of The Witcher.

Dark Souls Premier Trailer + Screens

Today Namco Bandai has announced their partnership with developer FromSoftware to release the soon-to-be hardcore action-RPG Dark Souls in both North America and Europe.  The spiritual successor to the mega surprise game Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls takes a lot of the same principles found in Demon’s Souls but adds a new layer of depth thanks to a wealth of new enhancements and improvements, most of which will please fans of Demon’s Souls.

Capcom's RPG Last Ranker gets a new trailer


Maybe it’s kind of pointless of me to post this but another video has been released for Capcom’s RPG Last Ranker.  The only reason I say it’s pointless to post is because Capcom still hasn’t announced a North American or European release.  So far all we know the game could end up being a Japanese exclusive, something that would be a damn shame since it looks so promising.

More dramatic acting and battles in this new Last Ranker trailer

For some reason I’m not much of an RPG player. I can of course appreciate games like Final Fantasy and Mass Effect but I never really find them to be my cup of tea.  But one upcoming RPG I do have my eye on is Capcom’s Last Ranker.  Set for release on the PSP, the game features your somewhat typical RPG traits such as outlandish and colorful costumes.  But aside from that lays a compelling battle mode and a dev team consisting of heavy hitters from Square Enix.

[Review] Final Fantasy XIII

Overall Feeling: 

Claimed by Square-Enix to be the evolution of gaming, Final Fantasy XIII is far in a way different to its predecessors. However with many of the changes working against the game rather than for it, it feels like two steps forward and one step back. There’s still clear progression and combined with a plot that as epic in scale as the series demands, Final Fantasy XIII has plenty to offer but series veterans may dislike this stage of the evolution cycle.

The Pros: 

Stunning visuals. Hectic and entertaining battle system. Paradigm system works well and offers greater flexibility than using pre-set roles.

The Cons: 

Linear level design as well as lack of side quests. Lack of Gambit system can be frustrating. Easier than previous games in the series. Rating : 

Few games can boast as big a brand as Final Fantasy. With countless releases and re-release across a wealth of formats, Square-Enix's RPG series is one the biggest, and is regarded by a legion of fans as the best. Final Fantasy XIII represents the series' first outing in HD, as well as its first appearance on a Microsoft console. It's clear that rather than simply improve on its predecessor, Square-Enix opted to give the game a major overhaul. Unfortunately, in spite of all the improvements, Final Fantasy XIII feels like it takes one step backwards for every two steps forward.

X10 Spotlight: Final Fantasy XIII


Well at this year's X10, it's become painfully clear that there's a disparity between the showcased games regarding new information released. Some games have lots, others get little more than a few new screengrabs. Final Fantasy XIII is in the latter category.

[Review] Dragon Age Origins

Overall Feeling: 

Despite its dull and dated visuals, Dragon Age Origins still manages to offer a terrific experience. With deep gameplay, an epic plot and host of interesting characters to meet, the world of Ferelden will suck you in and you won't want to leave.

The Pros: 

Deep gameplay forces you to think before you act. The main plot has great length, before you even consider all the little extras available to you. Multiple playthroughs are actively encouraged, extending the game's life even further.

The Cons: 

A host of visual problems, from dull and dated environments, to some clipping and frame rate issues. Lack of player voice-over is a disappointment. Rating : 

1998 saw the release of Baldur's Gate, an RPG which is still heralded by many as one of best. Several years on, a few expansions later, and BioWare have finally released what they refer to as the "spiritual successor" to Baldur's Gate; Dragon Age Origins. The game takes the traditional style of Western RPG, which is based heavily around the Dungeons and Dragons rules, and brings the whole niche to a "next-gen" level. And whilst there are a couple problems, the experience offered in Dragon Age Origins is unlike anything you'll have played this year.

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