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Rockstar Games Reveals More DLC For Red Dead Redemption Is Planned

I thought I had hung up my spurs, six shooters and cowboy hat up for good but that doesn’t seem to be the case based on what Rockstar Games revealed today.  As good as it was to end the DLC journey of Red Dead Redemption with the Undead Nightmare adventure, Rockstar Games has confirmed today that they will be releasing another wave of DLC later this year.

First Wave Of L.A. Noire DLC Is Detailed, Includes New Cases & Suits

L.A. Noire is a game that already in a short amount of time has a lot of people talking about it. Some people love the noir vibe and direct gameplay of L.A. Noire while others hate the lack of true sandbox elements of the limited replay factor it provides. I’ll be going into detail into the finer points of L.A. Noire’s accomplishments and failures, but today Rockstar Games and Team Bondi have announced something that should please those who enjoyed the adventure based action of the game: new DLC.

Get A Glimpse At The Career Of A Cop In L.A. Noire [Video]

I know I said I was going to attempt to go on a media blackout for L.A. Noire, but as is the case in life it’s tough to go cold turkey.  It won’t be long before I finally get my hands on L.A. Noire, but leading up to the release of the game I still find myself compelled to see as much footage as I can, not only to see actual gameplay but to see more footage of the impressive facial animation tech and spot a few familiar faces from the world of TV shows.

Latest L.A. Noire Trailer Shows Corrupt Cops, Drug Schemes And Lots Of Angry People

Even though I’ve been waiting four years for the game to come out, I think I may do myself a favor and go on a media blackout when it comes to L.A. Noire.  Rockstar Games has been rather good lately in giving gamers a glimpse at Team Bondi’s crime epic but for me, I just can’t wait to play the game anymore and seeing trailers like the one that Rockstar has just so kindly released is beginning to be too much for me to handle.

Max Payne 3 Is Alive And Well In These New Screenshots

Back in the day gamers were treated to a video game that was wildly different from what we were used to seeing at the time: we received a noir-ish and strictly mature action game in the form of Max Payne.  Seeing a third person action game in which gamers play as a cop wasn’t anything new, but playing as a cop that has issues and playing a level that was his nightmare was something that we hadn’t seen before.

Latest L.A. Noire Video Shows You How To Be A Good Detective

Rockstar Games has done a nice job at showing us the different aspects of L.A. Noire and today we have a new video focusing on the all important aspect of investigating a case and subsequently interrogating those involved.  At this point I think we’re used to seeing games that feature interrogation modes as a few titles have done it in the past and even future projects like Batman: Arkham City are set to include such a mechanic.

Possible Details On GTA5 Surface [RUMOR]

When it comes to their upcoming projects, Rockstar Games usually has everything on complete lockdown.  We never know what sort of madness or grand unique vision will come out of their projects.

Get A Glimpse Of The Naked City Case From L.A. Noire [Video]

One of the great or not so great things about this generation of gaming has been the advent of video games receiving retail specific pre-order bonuses of the DLC variety.  Back in the day gamers were used to seeing retailers like Funcoland (I’m really dating myself with that), GameStop or EBGames offer special bonuses like t-shirts or toys for those who pre-ordered a game in advance. But gone are the days of getting t-shirts that are two sizes too small or silly novelty toys as it’s all about dishing out exclusive costumes or in some cases entire missions.

L.A. Noire Is Looking Quite Nice With This Box Art Reveal

We all know that box art often plays a critical role in the success of a video game as some gamers are a bit vapid and will merely base their interest on a given title by how cool or unique the cover looks.  Even great games can be plagued by horrific box art and I think the North American version of Ico is a perfect example of that when compared to its stunning and somewhat abstract Japanese cover. Rockstar Games have never disappointed us when it comes to the box art for their games and once again they haven’t let us down with what they’ve prepared for L.A. Noire.

L.A. Noire Gameplay Video Hits And It Looks Good

There has been a lot of doubt as to whether Rockstar Games’ upcoming L.A. Noire will actually be fun on the gameplay side of things.  The technology the game utilizes to portray its characters is amazing and so is the attention to detail, but after being in development for four years and hearing talk that Rockstar Games was adding more content to freshen up what Team Bondi designed, I think people were starting to wonder if L.A. Noire would merely be a nice tech demo of sorts.

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